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A guy cleaning his Petra HD3000 sprayer.

Cleaning Tips to Keeping Your Sprayer in Top Shape

Spraying isn’t easy, but taking care of your sprayer is just as challenging. Sprayers are worthy of investment, for sure, and could last longer when maintained properly. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to prioritize cleaning their sprays, reducing their performance and longevity.

A guy cleaning the HD3000 sprayer.

It’s good to be aware of the regular maintenance of the sprayer to avoid use. Do you think your sprayers are thoroughly clean? Well, think again!

There’s no harm in making sure that you use your sprayer safely. Good housekeeping is a definite must when it comes to agricultural sprayers. One of the common mistakes that non-professional make is they pick sprayer that is not suited to their use.

Why you should clean your sprayer

We get it. You don’t have much time to clean your sprayers. But cleaning your sprayers is very important so that you can use them safely and effectively.

There’s a lot of struggles you may encounter, such as rain, inaccessible fields, flooding, delayed paintings, cold temperatures, and more rain. For some, however, it’s okay because plants are growing.

With all the money spent, equipment repairs, and time you invested, it would be so hard for you to lose a crop now. And you don’t want that to happen just because your sprayer stopped working due to neglect.

The risks and dangers of using dirty sprayers include crop damage, health hazards, and safety risks. This is why it’s always best to know how to use it before and after.

A gentle reminder for sprayer users to check first all the guidelines of the specific products you are applying to. Also, wear proper equipment when spraying. We don’t want another problem to happen, don’t we?

Sprayer cleaning tips

Here are some helpful tips to ensure a clean sprayer:

  1. Drain the sprayer immediately after spraying! It’s better if you leave longer a cleaner in the spray because it can circulate more through the booms.
  2. Be aware of the spray solution left in the sprayer. Do not allow it to remain in the boom lines overnight.
  3. Flush the tank, hoses, boom, and nozzles with clean water. You can open the boom ends and flash if equipped.
  4. You need to clean all the screens, strainers and filters. If you also wish to inspect, do it.
  5. Read the label directions.
  6. When you’re done reading the directions, prepare a cleaning solution with a commercial detergent or sprayer cleaner, as stated in the directions.
  7. Wash all the parts of the tank carefully, including the inside top surface. For at least 15 minutes, start stirring and thoroughly circulate the cleaning solution in the sprayer. Remove all visible deposits from the spraying system.
  8. Use a cleaning solution to flush hoses, spray lines, and nozzles for at least 1 minute.
  9. After you complete the above procedures, you can clean the removed nozzles, screens, and strainers in the cleaning solution separately.
  10. Drain filters, pumps, and lines.
  11. Use clean water to rinse the complete spraying system, carefully!
  12. Wash off and clean the outside of the sprayer and boom.
  13. Dispose of all rinse water.

Keep in mind to read and follow the label instructions. That’s the general rule! You may also use a checklist to ensure all parts of the sprayer have been cleaned up, so you don’t have to worry about using it safely.

Keep it safe with PETRA tools!

Meeting all your garden needs also means you should play it safe by using the best products. Making a beautiful garden is quite an investment. So, if you do, make sure it’s all worth it in the end.

Let’s start by introducing one of the best PETRA products, the PETRA HD3000. It is a 3-gallon battery powered backpack sprayer that is comfortable to use. Not just that, here are some of the top of line features of the HD3000 powered by PETRA.

  • NEVER PUMP AGAIN. No more hassles and wasting time with PETRA HD3000 because you can complete your whole job on a single charge without worrying about pumping. You can now spray for 2-2.5 hours on a single charge battery or over 50 gallons of solution. It also has a 3.3AH lead-acid battery that provides 3X the battery life of the most standard lithium battery sprayers. It also comes with a 40-65PSI pump with an adjustable pressure knob. It’s fast-charging too!
  • PETRA MULTIPURPOSE WAND AND NOZZLE. The HD3000 comes with a multipurpose wand that is best for acid/bleaches. It also includes a plastic squeeze handle with locking mechanism and an adjustable HD brass nozzle.
  • NEW 3-GALLON DESIGN. Wow, just wow! PETRA made your dream come true by giving you a 3-gallon version of the most popular and functional sprayer design. You can now get all the same power and functionality with a lighter tank and a higher production quality.

To ensure your sprayer’s longevity, make sure to maintain it in your best way possible. After each use, rinse and flush with a solution of water. It will wash any chemical residue from the seals and ensure a long, dependable sprayer life.

With no doubts, PETRA will be there to meet all your spraying needs while your job is to get the job right done and maintain it. It always works if you help each other out!

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