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Petratools macrame shelf with potted indoor plants.

Creative Ways to Use a Macrame Shelf

Without a doubt, we all strive to make our home look like in a magazine cover. Who doesn't want a home that's beautiful and comfortable? Here's how you can use a macrame shelf to achieve a unique ambiance for your room.

Petratools macrame shelf with potted indoor plants.

If you're looking for some inspiration to upgrade your home design, a macrame shelf is a perfect choice for you. It would give you the artsy and sophisticated look vibes!

What is a macrame shelf?

A macrame shelf is an exquisite decorative made from a high-quality cotton rope and wood that will allow you to organize spaces better. It is a perfect choice if you want a space-saving shelf.

Not just that, you don't have to worry about decorating it in your kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom because it is durable and easy to install.

Why use a macrame shelf

A quick and luxurious way to refresh and change your home's appearance without a big expense is one of the benefits of using a macrame shelf.

It's good to experiment with accessories and design-forward objects to add beauty to your home. A space-saving macrame shelf is an excellent idea to help you push your decor in the right direction. Here are some of the benefits of using a macrame shelf.

These boho wood hanging shelves are a perfect place for your items.

Place your plants, candles, nicknacks, books and spices, bathroom and sundries, hand towels, or small items on these boho wood shelves. It is a perfect and safe place for your favorite things, and it helps you lessen your messing habits.

You can also place it anywhere you want in your house! Great use for the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. It's up to you!

The material used is appealing and sturdy.

The simplicity of these macrame shelves makes them versatile! It is made from a durable and robust cotton cord and pine shelf. A straightforward and modern style that makes your house elegant and comfortable.

A perfect housewarming gift!

If you are looking for the best housewarming gift for your love, friend or family, then a macrame shelf would be a nice idea.

It makes for a too novel present for a companion or yourself. You can improve free space on a divider with most loved plants or make your room somewhat more green and closer to nature.

How to make a macrame shelf?

Another good news is, you can create your macrame shelf! Yes, a DIY project for you or your family. A good idea for bonding while expecting a beautiful room.

Macrame is a beautiful art form but quite challenging if you're going to create one. But, don't let this get into your mind! Other people think that macrame shelves are just easy to make and move.

Now, get ready and take note of the materials you need to create a macrame shelf!

  1. Circle macrame shelf 2 inches' diameter with double hand-hold cutouts
  2. Yellow cotton yarn
  3. Scissors

If you are done getting ready your materials, then follow the instructions given.

  1.  Lay a round macrame rack 2 feet in distance across with twofold hand-hold patterns on a level surface.
  2.  Cut 2 bits of yellow yarn to 8 feet long. Overlap the yarn down the middle and cut at each piece's focal point to make 4 individual bits of yarn.
  3. Spread the 4 strands of yarn out longwise and ensure edges are arranged equally.
  4. Run the finishes of the yarn through the base corner of the rack's hand-hold patterns.
  5. Overlay 6 crawls of the yarn closes into equal parts to make a circle and get the leftover yarn closed through the circle to make a bunch. Pull to fix.
  6. Utilizing the 2 place strands of yellow yarn as a base, lay the strand from the right side of the gathering over the highest point of focus in a retrogressive L-shape.
  7. Circle the strand from the left side underneath the two community strands, up and between the retrogressive L-shape, and the farthest strand on the right. Pull tight to make an improving macrame hitch.
  8. Rehash the cycle legitimately beneath the primary bunch to make a subsequent bunch. Push the subsequent bunch up to meet the first.
  9. Keep creating macrame ties until there are 6 out of a line.
  10. Utilize 4 extra strands of yellow yarn to rehash the cycle at the highest point of a similar hand-hold pattern.
  11. Gather the excess yarn at the finishes of both macrame hitched strings and circle into a solitary bunch.
  12.  Rehash the whole cycle for the hand-hold pattern on the opposite side of the round rack.
  13.  Balance the rack from the 2 top bunches on either side with the goal that the rack is even to the ground.
  14. Spot a plant, book, or flame on the macrame rack to show.

Give your home a beautiful vibe with PETRATOOLS!

Create a lovely, geometric, and modern shaped boho home decor in your home with Petratools macrame shelf! It is a functional piece that is perfect for any room in your house.

The Petratools macrame shelf is a versatile style that you can easily hang from the ceiling or garden, ideal for showing off your beautiful plant, books, or small things. If you don't have time to do it yourself, this is the best option!

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