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A woman showing the features and benefits of a magnetic screen door.

Features and Benefits of Magnetic Screen Doors

Having a home that’s comfortable and peaceful is one of the best things in life. It’s all so perfect until you see bugs inside. That, among other things, is the reason why you need a magnetic screen door!

A woman showing the features and benefits of a magnetic screen door.

Always keeping your doors closed would be a reasonable solution, but who doesn’t love the smell of fresh air and the sound of rustling leaves outside? If you want to keep the bugs away, but don’t want to close the doors all the time, a magnetic screen door is just what you need.

What is a magnetic screen door?

A magnetic screen door has a magnetic closure that you can hang in your entryway. One of its key features is that it will permit air to get in yet will keep bugs, mosquitoes, and flies out of your home. It keeps your porch, garage, and even the terrace free from creepy crawlies.

Keep on reading to discover why you should switch to magnetic screen doors!

If you are wondering what makes magnetic screen doors special compared to traditional screen doors, it is the function of the magnet.

Admit or not, having a traditional door screen is not as convenient as the magnetic ones. Traditional screen doors have thumbnail press handles, while magnetic screen doors don’t.

You don’t need to worry about using a hand to open or close the screen door that helps you to walk straight on it. Now, how can you not buy these child and pet-friendly screen doors?

Magnetic screen doors features and benefits

A magnetic screen door offers a significant amount of protection while removing the hassle and costs of cleaning, maintaining, and installing standard screen doors. Besides keeping the bugs away, there are more benefits you can take advantage of.

Below are the reasons you should consider switching to magnetic screen doors.

1. Fresh air breezing through

If you are an aficionado of nature or simply enjoy the spring breeze, having a magnetic screen door is the choice for you. Getting fresh air helps remove stress! It also keeps the temperature in your house comfortable without spending money on air conditioning.

2. Bug-free house

Breeze in or bugs out? Who said you couldn’t have both? With magnetic screen doors, you get both benefits! It acts as the sentry net screen that will save your house from the bugs and other creepy crawlies while allowing you to enjoy fresh air outside.

If you are looking for the best solution to block all bugs types, then this is the sign! It’s perfect, especially in summer. It also means you can take a break from harmful bug sprays.

3. Convenient hands-free entry

It’s hard to hold things in your hand and open the door at the same time. Thanks to the new magnetic screen doors, no more hassles in carrying groceries in your hand and getting through from the kitchen or any other area of the house. You need not worry about the door still open because the magnetic screen door snaps back after you go through the screen!

4. Durable and aesthetic design

Most households with children doubt using screen doors because they easily break and are quite expensive to fix. But another great thing you can look forward to in a magnetic screen door is its durability and practicality. A magnetic screen door offers both protection and durability. Magnetic screens, when pushed, rarely break. You have plenty of options to choose from with its varying colors and sizes, whichever suits your taste.

5. Make any door for pet use

Having a magnetic screen door also means giving your pets more freedom to move in and out of the house. With a light force, it will automatically open and will also close quickly. It also prevents your pets from creating holes in your door. It is sturdy and resists damage that may be caused by your cats or dogs.

6. Fast installation

Do you believe that you only need 2-5 minutes to install a magnetic screen door? Well, yes! It is easy to use and install. To complete a fast installation, you just have to make sure that you have the right screen with correct measurements, to avoid installation problems.

Switch with PETRA tools!

PETRA offers durable magnetic mesh doors that suit various lifestyles. There are also multiple designs to choose from.

PETRA offers maximum comfort and secured protection from outside crawlies. With PETRA, you will have the best quality products that are easy to install and well-tested durability. Are you still having second thoughts about getting one? DON’T!

It’s time to make a switch. It will be worth it.

There’s no doubt that magnetic screen doors are all over the market now because people are looking forward to its maximum comfortability and protection. So go ahead and splurge and choose the right product that suits your budget and needs.

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