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How Should I Clean My Sprayer?

Sprayer tank cleanout is necessary when changing between crops or between products to avoid crop damage due to contamination. A simple rinse or flush with water works for only a handful of herbicides, the primary one being glyphosate. The development of herbicide-resistant weeds now requires the use of tank-mix partners to attain proper weed control. As such, the addition of a tank-cleaning agent is necessary to accomplish a thorough clean-out. When cleaning a sprayer, the primary concern is to attain three objectives. These include: 1) diluting the active ingredient below damaging concentrations, 2) deactivating the herbicide, and/or, 3) removing the herbicide from the sprayer system. One note of CAUTION: Never mix chlorine bleach and ammonia, or chlorine bleach with fertilizers containing ammonia, as it will produce a dangerous chlorine gas! The gas will irritate your eyes, nose, throat and lungs. One of the most recommended sprayers for easily cleaning is the PETRA HD5000 Battery Powered Sprayer (6.5gal in Reel Cart)

How Should I Clean My Sprayer?

PETRA created the HD-5000 reel cart sprayer with commercial quality standard:

Built with extensive time, researching, developing, testing and implementing quality control measures, this dependable and long lasting sprayer is also very easy to clean and maintain. The PETRA pump is designed to spray weeds, trees and more. The pump is built to last with durable chemical-resistance components that won’t be damaged by pesticides. It works well with the most chemicals you need to spray including Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed killer, Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides, Wet and Forget Moss Mold Mildew spray. Roundup, Thompson's Water Seal, mark it Blue Spray and Forget, and many more. Its plastic wand is compatible with acids and bleaches, making it one of the most versatile sprayers around the market today. The package even includes multiple nozzle attachments and accessories, which adds more value to the purchase. The PETRA HD-5000 Reel cart Sprayer is perfect for commercial spraying and at home spraying use.
  • Perfect for use with natural bug repellents!
  • Perfect for vegetable garden, fruit trees, Photonia shrubs and all your growing needs.
  • Perfect for spraying for spider mites, noseeums, biting flies, sandflies, etc.
  • Perfect for spraying greenhouse, basements, attics, crawl space, roofs, chicken coo-ps and woods.

PETRA HD5000 Reel Cart

The PETRA HD-5000 Reel cart Sprayer is industrial grade and can spray a wide variety of pesticides, acids, bleaches and more. This portable unit can be carried around by the user with the comfortable backpack straps as the liquid chemical dispensed. This 6.5 Gallon PETRA HD5000 Reel cart Sprayers are top of the line with the following features:

Plastic squeeze handle with locking mechanism

No more unscrewing and screwing handle hose attachments. This also provides speed and convenience for the ultimate spraying experience.

Wand holder

No more awkward searching for where to place the wand when completing spraying. Its special designed wand holder is built into the cart for convenience. This feature also avoids tripping or annoyance of where you should place your wand.

Custom-built commercial reel cart.

PETRA created a custom mold specifically for the HD-5000 sprayer to connect perfectly to the reel cart. The sprayer clips into the cart in multiple places. This means no more tipping and no wobbly sprayers, too. Made with industrial grade steel frame and large heavy duty wheels, this sprayer is sure to stand the test of time. It even sports a built in wand holder for easy access while you do your work.

100 Foot Hose

Get the longest cart sprayer hose on the market to easily cover large areas without moving your sprayer. This high pressure hose is sure to fit all your spraying needs. Its length will give you easy access to high and tight places. It even wraps conveniently on the cart reel.

Last 4x Longer Than Lithium

Spray over 200 gallons on a single charge with our long-lasting 12V12AH battery. Its power lasts up to 4x’s longer than most lithium based battery sprayers. Spray 200+ gallons on a single charge so that you can spray all day. This is one of the amazing features of the HD-5000.

Easy Drain Tank Design

You no longer have to tip your sprayer over to drain and clean it after every use. This top of the line sprayer features an easy drain tank design. All you have to do is unscrew the drain cap to release the last of your unused solution.

Multipurpose Expandable HD Wand

Meet all your spraying needs with the new Multipurpose HD Wand! This heavy duty extra long adjustable HD wand is multipurpose, and has a feature that lets you spray acid-based bleaches. It offers versatility with your chemicals and solutions to meet the needs of professionals.

Multiple Nozzle Attachments

Multiple nozzle attachments also come with the package.
  1. Cone nozzle (for volume and distance)
  2. Mist/straight shot adjustable nozzle
  3. Fan flat head nozzles
  4. Double head mist (fine to medium mist)
  5. Single head mist (fine mist)
  6. Adjustable brass nozzle (mist and straight shot) Pistol - mist to long distance with trigger lock
To sum it all up, it’s best to clean your sprayer to avoid any damage due to contamination or any health risks. Some sprayers will give you a hard time in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to PETRA, cleaning is easy and quick with its easy drain tank system.
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