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Get rid of scale insects on plants with Petra battery-powered sprayer.

How to Get Rid Of Scale Insects On Plants Fast

Have you ever seen some white cottony spots on your plants? Have you ever wondered what they are or how they appeared? Well, those are some infestation, and if not treated immediately, they will damage the plants. This article will provide helpful tips on how to treat scale insects on plants.

Get rid of scale insects on plants with Petra battery-powered sprayer.

What are scale insects?

Maybe some of us are unaware of scale insects. They are sap-sucking pests that feed on a wide range of host plants. Scale insects are very difficult to see because they are small, usually ranging ⅛ to ½ inch with an actual size of 5mm.

They typically stick on stems, branches, as well as on the leaves of the plant. From a distance, scale insects look like a plant disease, some fungal, or bacterial infection. If you take a close look at the plants, many of them form clusters that lock themselves in place and damage the plants by taking the nutrients your plants need. 

Scale insects can be an armored scale, soft scale, or mealybugs. In general, they are destructive. Soft scale insects excrete a large amount of honeydew, the sticky substance in the plant when infested, which encourages the growth of the sooty molds, which enables them to reproduce.

Armored scales, however, have waxy, hard, and circular coverings that protect them from predators and other elements. Exterminating them sounds impossible because they are sometimes immobile. Spraying pesticides in a particular area is not enough. In most cases, they are able to develop a kind of resistance to chemicals.

How to rid scale insects on plants

So, how are we going to eliminate them quickly? Below are the several control methods that are shown to work effectively against scale insects, according to GetBusyGardening.


Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and carefully rub it to the infested area. It is one of the most convenient and practical ways to eliminate them. Please take note that it should be in direct contact with the scale insect.

It may require time and effort since they are really small and sometimes like to hide somewhere else on your plants. This method can be very helpful in eliminating them and protecting the plants from any possible harm. You can also use a brush or your fingernails to scratch them off from your plants.


Make your own homemade scale insecticide soap. Knowing that scale insects can be resistant to chemicals, then this might help in dealing with them.

You will only need a teaspoon of organic mild liquid soap and a liter of water. Use the mixture by directly spraying on the scale insects on certain areas of the infested plants.

Be careful because there are instances that the type of soap that you use could possibly damage your plants. Aside from making your own insecticide soap, you can also use some organic soap available in the market.

Neem oil

Use neem oil to kill the scale insects on your plants. Neem oil is a great solution to problems with insects, fungi, or bacteria that can damage your plants. Also, neem oil is a natural insecticide, and using them in treating with scale insects is very effective. It also has a residual effect on plants that protects your plants from future infestation.

Horticultural oil

Aside from neem oils, you can also use horticultural oil or hot pepper wax spray in treating your plants. The primary use of horticultural oil is by suffocating the insects that feed on your plants. It disrupts the metabolism of insect eggs and their eating ability, causing them to starve to death. Horticultural oils are not just effective, but they are also ecologically friendly.


Prune away parts that are infested with scale insects. There are instances that the infestations are severe, and rubbing them off with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol will not avail much.

You can cut off the leaves or the branches by using pruning scissors. Make sure to cut the part of the infested area for about ¼-inch above the leaf or at the branch's base.

Before repeating the process on other areas of the infested plant, use a garden hose and spray the pruning scissors to remove any scale insects that remained on them. This avoids the spread of scale insects onto another area of the plant.

Botanical insecticides

Using botanical insecticides would be your last resort. These kinds of insecticides are organic and natural, usually derived from plants and minerals. Using botanical insecticides when dealing with scale insects or any other type of pests are effective alternatives to conventional insecticides for pests, not to mention the fewer side effects. They also break down more quickly compared to other chemical solutions used today. 

Using the right tools

To follow these steps in getting rid of pests, you should look into investing in plant tools that can help you do the job efficiently. One of your best bets is the Petra Automatic Battery Sprayer.

With the included bottle, you can easily fill with water for indoor and outdoor plant misting. Designed for extended use, Petra’s Automatic Battery Sprayer features a molded handle that’s great for spraying a few ounces at a time or multiple extended uses. It is one of the best you can find in the market today.

Scale insects appearing on your plants may catch you off guard. They also reproduce in a short period of time, causing damage to your plants.

Worry no more! Following the tips on how to get rid of scale insects on plants will help you handle the situation better. You only need the right tools and materials and a little patience. It is frustrating, of course, but your time and effort will be worth it, knowing that you are able to save your precious plants.

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