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How to Grow Vines and Climbers

Michelle - December 19, 2020

Growing plants does not only add aesthetic value to our personal space, but it also has tons of other benefits. Here are some tips on how to grow vines and climbers to keep them growing healthy.

Commonly, vines and climbers are great outdoor plants that improve beautification in an area. They add more depth and richness to your space if you know how to cultivate them properly.

However, experiencing the benefits of climbing plants is just the easy side of the story. Planting and cultivating them is the challenging part that requires patience and useful knowledge. Whether you are a beginner in gardening or a seasoned one, we will show you a guide on how to grow vines and climbers. So, let us begin! 

What Are Vines and Climbers?

Vines and climbers are types of plants that climb up tall objects and trees. Most of them grow like vines, where stems wrap around tall objects and trees.

What Are the Types of Climbing Plants?

Plant experts categorize vines and climbers into two major groups: vines and bines.

Vines have tendrils that they use for climbing. The typical examples of vines are as follows: 

  • Passion vines or flowers 
  • Trumpet creeper 
  • Virginia creeper 
  • Climbing rose 

Bines, on the other hand, use their stems to twine around tall objects or trees for support. Their stems are rough or have bristles pointing downward that function as their grip. Common examples of bines are: 

  • Honeysuckle
  • Morning glory
  • Hops

To help you better understand the nature of vines and climbers, let us also discuss their secondary types:

Clinging Stem Rooms

This secondary type is plants that have stems that create short and stout roots. This helps them cling to the object they will climb up to. Examples are:

  • Climbing hydrangea
  • Euonymus
  • English ivy

Adhesive Pads

These climbers use their stem tendrils that have adhesive pads to climb objects. The pads let them stick to surfaces. The plants can also grow sideways if they do not have something to climb up to. Examples of this type are Cissus quadrangularis and Boston ivy.


Scramblers have long and flexible stems like those of vines. However, they cannot climb on their own. If you plan to use trellis for scramblers, you should tie the plants with wire or string to another stem for support. Some scramblers have thorns for grip to neighboring stems. A typical example of this type of plant is climbing roses.


As the name implies, these plants are those that twine. It could be their stems or leaves that twine. Twinning stems can spin clockwise or counterclockwise, while twinning leaves twist around objects for support. The following are examples of the two types:

Twinning stems – jasmine, pole beans, and Dutchman’s pipe

Twinning leaves – climbing nasturtium and clematis 


These are plants with a skinny structure along their stems that extends in the air. The structure reaches out until it holds onto an object to climb up to. Grapes are a common tendril.  

Which Types of Structures Provide Support to Vines and Climbers?

Any tall objects or surfaces that vines and climbers can crawl or climb up to are ideal. These include arches, porches, trellis, and fences. Trellis, for example, is typical for climbing plant support. It is a framework made of metal bars or light wood to support fruit trees and climbing plants.

Some species of vines and climbers need a trellis to grow. Therefore, it is crucial for you to do your research on the plants you plan to grow. This allows you to know which ones need specific structural support. Just make sure your support system is robust as vines and climbers get heavy as they grow. 

How to Grow Vines and Climbers

Now that you have a better understanding of what vines and climbers are, let us move on to how you grow them properly. Here, we will show you a step-by-step guide to plant your climbing plants. 

Step 1: Prepare the Location

The first thing you need to do is prepare the area to plant your vine or climber. Given that you have your plant support ready, position it to the area. Make sure your soil is ready as well. Use organic matter to nurture the soil.  

Step 2: Prepare Your Vine or Climber

Hydrate the plant generously before removing it from its container. Carefully disentangle the roots from the rootball. This will encourage the plant to prepare itself for the new soil.

Step 3: Dig a Hole in the Soil for Planting

Position your plant 11-17 inches away from the support structure’s base. This is to ensure that water can reach the plant’s roots when hydrating it. Start digging the spot for the plant. The depth varies on the type of plant you will grow. Clematis, for example, should have a depth of 10-15 centimeters.

Step 4: Plant the Vine or Climber

After you secure the hole, plant the vine or climber carefully in it. Cover the hole with soil and make sure the plant stands properly while returning the fertilized earth. Water the base of the plant carefully and make sure its stem leans towards the support structure.

How Fast Do Vines and Climbers Grow?

The speed of growing primarily depends on the type of climbing plant. There are fast- and slow-growing vines and climbers. Examples of the fast-growing ones are morning glory, clematis, and star jasmine. Slow-growing plants include moonflower, pink trumpet vine, and hyacinth bean vine.  

How Frequent Should You Trim Vines and Climbers?

Although one of the best features of vines and climbers is their abundance and length, it does not mean you should not trim them. Trimming them can help with their growth. It is also essential to know when to do so as these plants have their right time for trimming.

What Are the Benefits of Planting Vines and Climbers?

Growing plants at home provides several benefits:


As pointed out earlier, having climbing plants at home enhances your space’s appearance. A plain wall can transform beautifully with vines and climbers growing. You can even decorate your fence with a climbing plant, which is more cost-effective than adding artificial designs. Having this type of plant is a natural and decorative solution to a visually plain space or structure without requiring too much care.


Trees are the major source of shade, but the risk of falling branches is high. They also consume a lot of space in your place. Therefore, finding an alternative to provide natural shade is ideal. You can opt for planting vines and climbers.


Another great benefit of having vines and climbers is that they do not take much space. Letting them climb up a support structure gives you more space for your other plants. Just remember to use the type of support structure that provides the best assistance with their growth.


Vines and climbers can protect your wall if you plant the right type. If your walls have cracks, for example, twinning stems can get into them, invading your interior space. However, if you have properly maintained walls, climbing plants provide shade that creates a stable temperature zone. This protects the walls' structure from the changing weather conditions that affect the quality of the barriers.

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Learning how to grow vines and climbers and the things you need to know about maintaining them is crucial. It helps you keep them alive and growing healthily. You just need to know which types of climbing plants you want to have, so you can prepare its support system and area. Feel free to follow our guide now!

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