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How to keep algae from you Petratools Orb Fountain.

How to Keep Algae Out of Your Fountain

Algae is one of the biggest, most common problems for every water feature. It grows on warm water and spread like crazy. You may consider these green slimes harmless most of the time, but aside from making your fountain look dirty and unsightly, algae have a lot of harmful effects.

How to keep keep algae our of your Petratools' Orb Fountain.

It produces dangerous toxins that can be poisonous to animals and humans alike, and it can contaminate and cause a foul odor in the water. Once the algae have started forming around your fountain, getting rid of it will surely be a frustrating job. It will keep coming back and may require close monitoring to prevent it from blocking the pump.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep algae from growing in your fountain and prevent them from coming back.

What makes algae form in your fountain?

Algae usually grow with a combination of water and light. Direct sunlight and water contaminants are what makes it proliferate. If your fountain sits on a spot where it has direct access to sunlight, algae are more likely to grow there faster than any other water feature.

How can you protect your fountain from algae?

Using algaecides is always an option to get rid of algae in your fountain, but the solution’s chemical components can be very harmful to animals such as dogs, cats, fish, and birds. It is best to prevent algae from forming the natural way.

Keep your fountain in the shade

Keeping your fountain in the shade helps minimize algae production in your water feature because abundant sunlight actively helps its rapid growth. If possible, set up the fountain in a usually shaded area with minimal to zero contact with the sun.

Placing it under an umbrella will help, too. You can also use an aquatic dye that will turn the water a dark shade of blue. This reduces the amount of sunlight that can penetrate the water, making it effective in reducing algae growth.

Deep cleaning

Regular cleaning is an essential part of owning an outdoor fountain. It effectively prevents the growth of algae. You can schedule both light and deep cleaning to help remove the algae early on.

You can do light cleaning by simply wiping or brushing the algae off the fountain by using a sponge and some mild soap. Applying white vinegar directly on the areas most infested by algae will work well to wipe it off successfully.

To deep clean the fountain, you need to empty the fountain and drain it completely, then turn off the pump and place it in a bucket of clean water. Use mild soap and sponge to remove all of the algae buildups around the fountain’s insides, and then rinse it with clean water. Rinse the pump with clean water as well before putting it back in the fountain.

Use distilled water

Using mineral-rich water in your fountain encourages its growth. It can also lead to the buildup of mineral deposits that can plug the pump and the fountain itself. Use distilled water or chlorinated water to prevent all of that from happening.

However, using chlorinated water will require more attention so as not to be harmful to your household pets. Regularly clean out and replace the water in the fountain to ensure that the water running in the fountain is fresh and safe.

Add natural algae-prevention products

If you need more help in preventing algae growth, you can use algae-prevention products upon setting up the fountain. Make sure to use an all-natural product so that the water will not be harmful to your pets.

If you want to put the algae-prevention product after it has been set up, you can add it to the water mixture after your regular deep cleaning. Its application is pretty straightforward when you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

Petratools’ Orb Fountain

Taking care of your outdoor fountain will require attention and effort. But if properly maintained and regularly cleaned, Petratools’ Orb Fountain can be the best addition to your outdoor living area. You can relax with the soothing sound of water flowing and with the warm light perfectly illuminates the running water.

With its modern design, this outdoor fountain will blend right into your contemporary home exterior. It is best to put it in your garden to provide mist to the plants and have a perfect shade all the time.

Petratools’ Orb Fountain is specially designed to require minimum maintenance. To clean, scrub it around the surface with a sponge to remove every hint of algae buildup.

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