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A woman thinking how to maintain a bowl garden fountain.

How to Maintain Your Bowl Garden Fountain

Imagine stepping outside your backyard and listening to the tuneful splash of running water from your outdoor garden fountain. Do you feel a sense of tranquility? That's what a bowl garden fountain can do and more. If you want to know how to maintain your bowl garden fountain, follow these guidelines.

A woman thinking how to maintain a bowl garden fountain.

Bowl fountains are beautiful pieces of art that can spruce up your backyard and add dimension to your landscape. There are also bowl fountains that illuminate the water while it rushes from the top.

Tips on how to maintain your bowl garden fountain

While outdoor garden fountains can be aesthetically pleasing to any home, they require care and maintenance. Proper maintenance ensures that they can withstand wind, rain, dirt, and debris in the long years to come. But how do you get started?

Don't forget to wipe down the bowl fountain.

To prevent buildups of unwanted dirt, bird droppings, and mineral deposits, wiping your fountain bowl should be on your monthly to-do list. Empty the water from the fountain, clean the inner bowl and outer surfaces with a non-abrasive scrub or cloth, a bucket of fresh water, and a non-toxic cleaner. You can also use vinegar and water to prevent mineral deposits.

However, sometimes, wiping the entire fountain is not enough. It would be wise to conduct an in-depth cleaning of your outdoor fountain every three months.

Clean your pump

The pump is the heart of a fountain, so it needs TLC. It is best to clean your fountain's pump every three months to ensure that it is free from any obstructions or debris. Begin the pump cleaning by reading the manual to learn how to detach the pump correctly.

Remove the pump carefully from your bowl fountain. Soak it in a 50 percent solution of distilled white vinegar and 50 percent water to loosen tough mineral stains. With an old toothbrush or a stiff-bristled scrub brush, remove the small mineral buildup deposit in hard-to-reach areas.

Here's an important reminder: Never use any chemicals that are not written in the instruction manual. It would be best to rinse your pump to remove any soap traces, as these can ruin your unit in less than a day.

Lights not working?

Sparkling fountain bowls come with lights. So if the lights and the pump are not working, the transformer might have failed. You might also encounter flickering lights that can hurt your eyes in the long run. The buildup of algae on the connectors between the transformer and the lights is the reason for this. In case this happened to your fountain, reach out to the store where you've bought it.

Algae is your enemy. . . unless you're a tadpole or a flamingo.

If you place your fountain in the direct sunlight, expect the growth of algae. You wouldn't want your visitors to see or smell these unwanted algae during your dinner parties. But don't worry! You can avoid this by cleaning your fountain with an algae remover. A couple of drops of algaecide can prevent algae from inhabiting your fountain. If you are not sure what to use, do not hesitate to consult with your manufacturer.

Water needs water.

Yes, you have read that right. Water fountains need water, repetitive as it may sound. The water in your fountain will evaporate especially if you placed your fountain in direct sunlight. You need to replenish it regularly with enough water to keep its pump fully submerged. Doing this will extend your fountain's life and save you money. When your fountain pump becomes noisy, check its cleanliness or water level.

Winter is coming.

Turn off the water fountain during the coldest months, especially if you live in an area where ice may form during the winter. Unplug the fountain pump, clean the interior with a sponge, clean the pump, empty the fountain's water, air dry, and cover it to avoid damage.

Petra Sparkling Bowl Fountain

When properly maintained, a fountain will bring exceptional beauty to your landscape for the following years. Now that you know how to keep bowl fountains bubbling, it is time to choose a unit that gives you the best experience.

Try the all-new  Petra Sparkling Bowl Fountain!

This sparkling bowl is a brilliant addition to your outdoor space with its modern style water feature. The gentle and sparkling water adds sophistication, serenity, and interest to your garden landscape. Yes, it requires regular maintenance to keep the water flowing and humming. But that doesn't have to be difficult since it comes with a user-friendly guide with easy-to-follow instructions.

Transform your backyard into your very own oasis with Petra Sparkling Bowl Fountain.

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