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Mushrooms with Petra Mushroom Grow Bags.

How to use mushroom grow bags

A mushroom grow bag is simply a bag designed to grow mushrooms. You can grow different kinds of mushrooms in a bag depending on what kind of substrate is put in the bag.

Mushrooms with Petra Mushroom Grow Bag.

Although it’s possible to grow mushrooms without bags, mushroom grow bags offer features that are difficult to access otherwise. Whether you’re a professional mushroom cultivator or a passionate hobbyist, you’re sure to find good use of a mushroom grow bag.

Why use mushroom grow bags?

You may be thinking why you would need to buy mushroom grow bags when you have access to the more traditional ways of growing them. For instance, we have been used to grow mushrooms on logs and even in covered jars. But why grow bags?

  • We can cut holes in bags. This means the mushrooms are able to grow in many different directions. Compared to the glass jars where they are quite limited in growth, grow bags provide plenty of room for sprouts.
  • They make growth monitoring easier. Lightweight and compact, grow bags allow you to take them anywhere you please. Unlike logs and jars that are both relatively heavier, mushroom grow bags allow you to easily see whether or not the mushrooms are growing as they’re supposed to.
  • They make spawn distribution easy. Because they are lightweight, it is easy to distribute the substrate equally distributed the bunch. This ensures a more consistent growth for your mushrooms.

How to choose the right mushroom grow bag

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing the right mushroom grow bag for you. The most crucial ones include the following:

  • Thickness. It should strike the perfect balance between thick enough to keep the mushrooms safe yet not too thick to suffocate your mushrooms.
  • Filter size. The size you should choose should protect your mushrooms from contaminants but provide enough air for your mushrooms to develop well.
  • Bag size. Consider the volume you’re aiming for when choosing which bag size is perfect for your mushrooms. You don’t want to crowd a bag with too much, only to end up with nothing.

For a long time, mushroom grow bags have been the perfect alternative to the more traditional way of growing a large number of mushrooms. Now that most of us do not have ready access to logs where mushrooms naturally thrive, grow bags provide a more compact yet equally effective setting to cultivate mushrooms.

You may be tempted to DIY these things, but doing so may even end up costing more and even compromising how the mushrooms will grow. It would be wiser to choose one that’s ready to use to ensure the quality of the results in the long run.

How to use a mushroom grow bag

These bags are used in cultivating mushrooms and culturing them before they go out for consumption. They are also instrumental in making the most of the mushroom’s shelf life by keeping them compact.

To maximize each grow bag, it is crucial to be properly informed on how you should use it.

  • Gear up. Put on your gloves and mask to make sure the grow bag remains as free from foreign substances as possible. You wouldn’t want air or any bacteria to go in your bag and contaminate your mushrooms. You should also spray your working area with disinfectant.
  • Fill it in. Open the bag and put in your choice of substrate. Make sure it is not too tightly closed after you fill it in, and before you place it in the pressure cooker. Let it stay there for 3 hours to allow the heat to penetrate the bag fully.
  • Don’t rush. Allow the bag to cool down to room temperature before taking it out of the pressure cooker. This should also enable you to fill more bags and repeat the same process for more mushrooms.
  • Seal it with care. Make sure to seal the bag as soon as you open the pressure cooker. This assures you that every mushroom is free from contamination. There should also be no air entering the mushroom bag for better growth.
  • Cool down. Allow the bags to cool down for 12 hours, then make sure to place a packaging tape on the side, just adjacent to the filter.
  • Start injecting. Once you’re sure that the bags are completely sealed, you can then start injecting your mushrooms with the spawn or liquid culture. This depends on the volume of mushrooms you are aiming for. For best-maximized results, you should inject on different sides of the bag. After injecting, make sure to seal all the holes to keep the bag as compact as possible.
  • Let there be light. Depending on the type of mushroom you’re trying to grow, make sure you provide ample lighting to your mushrooms. Light requirements vary according to type, so it is imperative to do background research on your subject. Sun exposure and ambient lighting also influence the quality of your mushroom’s growth.
  • Check it out. It is also equally important to always monitor your mushroom grow bags and see whether or not the mushrooms are growing properly. This should be especially observed during extremely warm temperatures when you may want to inject more spawn on your mushrooms to make sure they don’t dry out.
  • Harvest time! Harvest time depends on your preference. Mushroom grow bags can help you grow them to your desired size and volume. This will also let you give them more time if you feel they need to grow more. In the process, you’ll also be able to learn techniques of mushroom keeping and growing.

Thanks to mushroom grow bags, you no longer need to look hard to cultivate mushrooms on driftwood. You can do it in your own time, at your own pace, in your own place! This also makes urban gardening completely possible and sustainable.

Petra’s Mushroom Grow Bag

As with all other Petra tools, we aim to revolutionize traditional gardening by providing modern ways of doing things. Mushroom grow bags are reusable and effective enough to take your hobby to the next level without too much effort.

It’s just the right thickness to keep the mushrooms free from contaminants, but not too thick so you can freely check their progress and make adjustments when necessary.


Growing mushrooms became popular due to people looking for organic food and a healthier alternative to meat. Now that mushroom grow bags are readily available, you can grow them yourself and start living healthier. You can even turn mushroom growing into a business venture; all you need is the best type of grow bags.

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