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How to Water Indoor Plants and What Are The Best Tools to Use? - PETRA Tools

How to Water Indoor Plants and What Are The Best Tools to Use?

There is no doubt that it is much easier to buy plants than to keep them alive. That’s a fact. This is why after choosing which pot goes best with the plant you just purchased, it is equally crucial for you to learn how to water indoor plants. With most of us locked down in our homes, it is no wonder why indoor plants are now suddenly so popular. More and more families have started turning their personal spaces into private jungles, with pots and indoor plants being all the rage now more than ever. Before ever buying a plant, we should make conscious efforts to learn more about it and how to properly care for it. Indoor plants, specifically, need a different maintenance routine compared to outdoor plants.

How Much Water Does an Indoor Plant Need?

How to water indoor plants

Watering your house plant is not as easy as it sounds. This is actually where it gets tricky. While we may get advice that we should follow a strict schedule when watering our plants, it is best to really dig into what your plants of choice prefer. 

While different plant varieties require varying amounts of water to live, a standard rule is to make sure you water them a few times within a 1-3 week period. This can vary depending on how humid or dry it is, where you keep your plants located, and also depending on whether or not your plants thrive in wet soil. Being informed of what your houseplants need in terms of water and sunlight is key to keeping them alive. There are indoor plants that prefer every day watering, while there are some you should not whisk with water until their soil is completely dry. It all depends on the type of plant.

How Often Should You Water Indoor Plants?

Once or twice within a 1-3 week period is enough for most indoor plants. This is considering how much shade they get where you keep them. Because indoor plants are not exposed to direct sunlight, their soil stays moist longer. This is also why you should not get too excited about watering them.

Best Indoor Plant Watering Devices


These are the most traditional plant watering tools we should use. They are handy and easy to use and are appropriate for most indoor plants. They are best used for bigger plants needing more water. You should steer clear of using sprinklers on your smaller plants as they could easily drown.

Indoor Watering Can

These cans are pretty much the same with the good old sprinklers, except that they are generally smaller. It has a thin spout that will perfectly guide the water straight to the soil, perfect for your indoor plants that do not like direct moisture.

Automatic Battery Sprayer

If you’re ready to take your planting hobby to the next level, it is worth getting a tool that’s nifty and functional at the same time. An automatic battery sprayer will allow you to water your plants at once without having to go back and forth the tap. Providing your plant with the utmost care should already be a top priority from the moment you bring them home. Making sure that your indoor plants are never thirsty can be made easier by using an automatic battery sprayer. Petra’s Automatic Battery Sprayer would not only come in handy when it comes to watering your plants, but you’re also sure to find good use of it when weeding, disinfecting surfaces, and cleaning your home. Designed to be a multipurpose tool, you can even choose how to use it! You can choose to spray using its fine misting mode or go all-out soaking while keeping your distance. You’ll find it so easy to use, thanks to its easy-grip handle that will keep you comfortable even with long hours of use. Petra made sure you wouldn’t hurt your hands while keeping your indoor plants hydrated. Its ergonomic handle is designed for extended use. You don’t have to worry about getting numb hands after spending long hours of watering your indoor plant collection. This automatic battery sprayer from Petra is also extremely lightweight, making it even easier for you to use and navigate. This tool combines comfort and function, which is why it is the perfect addition to your household cleaning and planting tools.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tool to keep your plants happy and healthy is essential. Buying a plant means committing to take proper care of them, which includes keeping them hydrated. While the amount of water you should give your indoor plant greatly varies according to its type, they all need water once in a while. The key is to watch out for signs when you have to go ahead and water them. The most common signs to watch out for include wilting, dry soil, and yellow lines on the leaves. If you see any of these, grab your automatic battery sprayer and quench their thirst immediately.
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