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Keep Coronavirus Away From Home

How to Keep Coronavirus (COVID 19) From Entering Your Home?

The world is still in a chaotic situation because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As of July 2020, 13 million individuals have been infected, and more than 500,000 people have died. To keep Coronavirus away is indeed one of our top priorities at the moment. We may be cautious in social distancing and wearing a mask when we are outdoors, but the threat of COVID-19 coming inside our very home is quite possible indeed. COVID-19 can be transmitted from person-to-person. However, the droplets that carry the virus can settle on surfaces for at least three hours to several days. Therefore, when you touch the invisible illness and it gets inside your pathways (i.e., nose, eyes), then you can become infected. Despite our efforts to stay at home and avoid society, there are instances that you cannot avoid, such as shopping for groceries buying other necessities, like medicine, and household items. Although you practice social distancing and wear a face mask, the items you are bringing may have been in contact with COVID-19. As your walk back to your apartment or home, there may be strains of the virus along the pathway, bus seat, or taxi seat. There are many possible places you might step in your shoes or touch with your hands. Hence, you are quickly bringing the virus inside your home.

Keep Coronavirus from Entering Your Home Using Safe & Effect Disinfectant Solution

The ultimate practice is you need to practice the culture of disinfection inside your home. Use safe and non-toxic disinfectant to avoid COVID-19 from entering inside the house. Use Petra ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid for effective disinfection. It is a powerful oxidizer that can intensively clean and eliminate Noro virus-like COVID, lousy odor in surfaces, carpets, HVAC system, water source, and more. It has a neutral pH solution that is harmless and free from corrosion.
Petra ULV500 is proven to be 80 times more effective than any bleach and non-corrosive cleaning brands. It is 100% organic, an all-natural cleaner, and safe for children and pets. It is verified to be a non-toxic cleaner. Petra assures that your loved ones are safe with ULV500 Professional Surface Cleaner. No residue, scent-free, easy and quick to use in contacting-food surfaces like countertops, tables, floors, toys, furniture, glass, porcelain, ovens, sinks, stainless steel, toilets, vinyl, walls and more.

Disinfect Everything and Everyone That Comes Inside Your House

Today is a new normal. Do not immediately bring inside your home the grocery packs you just bought. It would be best if you disinfected them outside your doorsteps. Spray the items with ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid or Disinfexol with the use of Petra Automatic Battery Sprayer to kill the germs and viruses that stick to those plastics, boxes, and paper bags.

1. Disinfect your footwear

Do not bring your shoes inside your home. One of the best practices is to place a wet mat outside your doorsteps and pour some amount of ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid, then allow the sole of your shoes to soak for a few minutes. Remove your shoes and let them stay outside your doorsteps in a designated area.

2. Immediately remove your clothes and place in a separate laundry bag

It will be best if you go straight to the laundry area to undress and place all your clothes in a separate laundry bag. Better if you immediately soak them with water and detergent.

3. Throw your PPE’s in a separate trash bin

If you practice wearing disposable PPE’s when you go outdoors, immediately remove them and place them in a trash bin when you arrive home. Do not bring them inside the house. Spray the trash bin with ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid to make sure that no contamination will happen.

4. Disinfect your bags, keys and other things in a designated area

Do not bring your bags, keys, and other personal items inside. Spray them with ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid and let it sit for a few minutes before bringing them inside. COVID may have settled in your bag while you walk along the grocery aisle or street.

5. Take a bath right after you come home

Head straight to the shower and thoroughly clean your body with soap, especially the areas that you have potentially been exposed to. These are your hands, feet, and arms.

6. For homes with bigger outdoor spaces, disinfect the whole vicinity regularly

If you have ample space outside your home, there is potential to catch and settle COVID-19 on your ground surfaces. It is a good practice to spray the whole vicinity with ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid. For convenience and cost savings, use the Petra HD4000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer to cover all the outdoor spaces of your home evenly. COVID 19 will continue to threaten our homes and lives of our families. We are now in the “new normal” where proper hygiene is becoming innate to every human being.
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