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Misting indoor plants - Everything You Need To Know

Michelle - November 30, 2020

Plants need water to survive, and we all know that. Many plant lovers, however, don’t know the benefits of gentle misting. Here’s why you need to add this to your plant care routine – plus some helpful tips on misting indoor plants.

Misting is one of the top things that you can do for your houseplants. It is best to fog your plants one to two times each week.

However, every aspiring plant parent should master fundamental plant care whether or not he thinks he has a so-called green thumb.

Numerous houseplants come from subtropical and tropical areas and need relative humidity. So if a philodendron used to humidity is set in the air that is excessively dry - or close to a warming or cooling vent - its leaves may wither and turn brown.

Misting is an easy yet effective way to keep your plant alive. What’s more, you can also mist your plant to make them stronger and proof them for harsh weather conditions and other potential threats.

Should you mist your indoor plants?

Misting indoor plants is a very simple and effective way to boost humidity. Numerous houseplants come from the jungle climes, where the humidity is exceptionally high.

Likewise, misting is a simple method to keep away from the danger of overwatering your indoor plants. Gently misting plants offers vast advantages that will help them flourish overtime.

Most people don’t understand the importance of misting. Many people are uncertain of what misting can do to their plants, which is not surprising. Now that plants have become even more popular, more and more people just shop for plants without knowing how to take care of them.

Every plant owner must take their time to research the plants they own to keep them for a long time. Some plants die when there’s not enough sunlight or enough humidity where you keep them.

Those who mist their plants claim that some varieties naturally grow in hot and humid environments, so misting helps them thrive. On the other hand, some plant growers believe that misting may be unnecessary and may even cause issues.

Which plants need misting and ones that don’t?

A few plants don’t need misting, for example, succulents, winged serpent tree (Draceana Marginata), pothos, yucca, pigtail plant (Beaucarnea recurvata), Cissus, fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata), and insect plants.

Those are plants that don’t really need a great deal of humidity since they thrive better in dry conditions. They appreciate dry, low-moist air instead.

Moreover, don’t fog plants with fluffy leaves, for example, African violets and piggyback plants (Tolmiea). If you water their leaves, it will cause a lasting spotting.

It is crucial to be mindful so as not to overwater plants. Overwatering is the most widely recognized reason for the passing of plants.

It can cause rotten leaves and stems, as well as poor root development. Try to refrain from showering, moistening, or washing shaggy leaved plants.

How to mist indoor plants

By now, you must already have a better idea of how to mist your plants and which of them you should and should not mist. Here are a few hints on the best way to mist your indoor plants:

Gathering your plants

You can put your indoor plants together yet ensure that they have enough space for a little airflow. Assembling plants in a group can help them keep enough humidity for each other.

Use tepid water

When misting your indoor plant in the morning, make sure to use lukewarm water. This ensures that the leaves do not stay wet throughout the day.

Start misting

Make sure you mist on both the top and underside of the leaves. They should look as though there was a light dew. This is also where it gets tricky. Make sure you never overdo it, or you lose the whole point of misting.

Learn about the best time to fog

Remember that different types of plants have different misting requirements. Although some require daily misting, some of your plants only once or twice weekly.

Make sure to note which plants love misting

Keep your humidity-loving plants from the drafts, windows, entryways, and warming and cooling vents, as these environments will negatively affect your plants.

Give your plants a shower

It isn’t so terrible to give your plants a light shower in the restroom or outside with a hose on more than one occasion per year. This will clean the leaves and help forestall creepy-crawly vermin.

Prior to taking any plant home, it is necessary that you do your examination on what it needs and why they need it. This allows you to be more on top of their necessities and be prepared with all the instruments you require to keep them alive.

A handheld atomizer is just what you need to keep your plants hydrated without the risk of overwatering them. First off, at that point, you can simply add more as you add more plants, as well.

PetraTools Handheld Atomizer for Misting Indoor Plants

The PetraTools Handheld Atomizer can be used in homes, schools, gyms, company offices, cars, and many more. It can also be used as a portable garden sprayer for indoor and outdoor plants.

Aside from home and commercial applications, this can be used in salons for hair moisturizing solutions and treatments. The handheld sprayer does not only remove unpleasant odors; it also prevents a generation of harmful gases.

It can adjust the amount of spray by holding the switch on the handle to reach a spray distance of up to 2 meters.

The sprayer has a 27 oz bottle capacity with 10x3.5x9 inches height and weighs 1.21 lbs. This compact design makes a comfortable feel to handle and use.

The removable copper nozzle and original self -supplied power spray has an anti-blocking design. At 4800 oz battery capacity, this rechargeable sprayer can be used for 3 hours on a 2-hour charge through USB. It has a rated power of 10 watts and an input voltage of DC5V.


To adequately mist your plants and keep them sound, you should look into getting a helpful instrument that can manage the work.

For your smaller household spraying jobs, a handheld atomizer will do the job for you. Perfect for cleaning windows, degreasing dirty surfaces, misting indoor plants, or weeding flower beds.

Its molded handle is great for spraying a few ounces of a time or multiple extended uses.

PetraTools’ Handheld Atomizer is great for misting your plants and can even double as a tool for spot disinfecting and cleaning.

You can even choose a light misting for delicate close-up work or a full spray for soaking and keeping your distance.

PetraTools’ battery handheld atomizer would surely come in handy when it comes to making sure your plants get the humidity they need.

Remember that, to keep your plants alive, you have to strike that perfect balance between their need for mist, water, and sunlight. Misting is a gentler way of caring for your plants, ensuring that they grow healthy through optimal conditions.

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The Petratools handheld atomizer is the perfect companion for all your handheld spraying needs
The Petratools handheld atomizer is the perfect companion for all your handheld spraying needs
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