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Petra Battery Sprayer Plant Mister

Petra Battery Sprayer Plant Mister: An Easy-to-Use Automatic Sprayer

PETRA has professionally-engineered sprayers that are both portable and easy to use. These sprayers are the right choice from the wider commercial operation to the average home-gardener. Now if you're looking for a handy plant mister, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll discuss the features of the Petra Battery Sprayer Plant Mister, an easy-to-use battery-powered spray bottle perfect for weeding, household cleaning, and gardening.

Petra 32 Ounce Battery-Powered Spray Bottle

Presently, PETRA has come up with an incredible product that is perfect for the budget-minded home user. This is the ultra-tough and efficient 32 Ounce Battery-Powered Spray Bottle.

This can be used around the house, as well as in the office, both indoors and outdoors. No other product offers the features and benefits at a price that fits into your budget. This is the best little sprayer for feeding nutrients to your garden plant leaves. You can easily feel how smooth it is, thanks to its good durable consistent spray. PETRA Battery Sprayer Plant Mister comes with an easy to use automatic sprayer that is proven for indoor and outdoor weeds. It is also recommended for pest control, gardens, and household cleaning with double AA batteries included.

Petra Battery Sprayer Plant Mister

Petra's Automatic Battery Sprayer Features

This sprayer plant mister is also packed with other amazing features:

Use with Standard Bottles

The PETRA battery-powered sprayer can be easily used with standard plastic bottles up to 1 gallon. Most known brand bottles, including Roundup, Raid, Ortho, and others, are compatible. This battery sprayer features an incredible hose length of 9.5 inches from the cap to the ceramic filter, which enables it to reach the bottom-most containers.

AA Battery Power (batteries included)

If you get this battery sprayer, you no longer need to manually pump before you use it for spraying. You will only need to pull the trigger, prompting the liquid that you have from the container to come out. Whichever you, use either the regular alkaline batteries or even eco-friendly rechargeables, your PETRA sprayer is always ready to go when you are.

Lightweight Sprayer

Because it is lightweight, you will find this sprayer mister very easy and comfortable for daily use. For your little household spraying jobs, PETRA’s battery sprayer is the way to go. It is also a great tool for cleaning windows, weeding flower beds, misting indoor plants, and degreasing dirty surfaces.

Comfortable, Ergonomic Handle

PETRA’s unique design molded handle is best for spraying in a few ounces at a time or it can be used for extended spray. The length of the hose is 36 inches from the sprayer to the cap, which allows you to hold the sprayer and bottles with each hand. This feature makes spraying easy and efficient.

2 Spray Patterns

This battery sprayer plant mister allows you to select a spray pattern. You can try light misting for close-up and sensitive work, or a full spray for soaking, best done at a far distance. This sprayer also has a unique gate valve, which means you do not have to worry about spillage and brown spots in your area from unwanted weed killer drips. In addition, PETRA sprayers come with a full 1-year warranty. While there are several brands in the market claiming to have the very same features as PETRA, there is no denying why PETRA gives them a run for their money. Using innovative technology and research, its sprayers are proven to adapt to today’s fast-paced and modernized world. PETRA’s sprayers are specifically designed to combine comfort with function. The battery sprayer plant mister is lightweight but powerful. It is portable and does not take much effort to use. In addition, its ability to keep spraying for long hours makes it an obvious great choice when it comes to plant misters. Also, PETRA plant mister is relatively easy to access. This simply means you can keep it under the sink, or in the living room. Lightweight and portable, you will not have a problem with taking it with you around the house. It has a convenient AA battery power, allowing PETRA’s compact 32-ounce sprayer to always be ready when you are. The product itself is built with a switch lock for added safety to keep your hands from accidentally spraying. At the end of the day, safety is one of the most important priorities of our PETRA products.


For easier and convenient use, the sprayer is pump-free! No more worries about having to repeatedly fill and pump the gallon all throughout the day. Its power will last you for a good long time, enabling you to keep spraying for at least 6 hours. If you thought you need something heavy to make sure it is of high quality, think again. PETRA proves that lightweight can also mean powerful. In fact, because this battery sprayer plant mister is lightweight, it is also ergonomic. This sprayer is diversely designed for quick or extended use. PETRA sprayer is best for your hurting hands. So, you don’t need to worry if your hands are quite sensitive!


Multipurpose spraying made even better with a reasonable price and tons of other features you are sure to benefit from is enough to convince you how great of purchase this product is. It may even make you buy more than one. Because this battery sprayer plant mister can be used for cleaning, plant watering, weed killing, and more, you could find uses for them even if you had two or three of these misters. Furthermore, they are also willing to provide superb customer support! PETRA’s customer support is known to be among the best in the industry. They provide an amazing support that makes you feel valued as a customer, as they always go the extra mile in offering help in whatever way they can. All in all, PETRA Battery sprayer plant mister has excellent quality. You’re sure to have absolutely no regrets buying it as it is worth every penny! It will make your life so much easier in the garden and even indoors. An automatic sprayer with a power like no other, there is just so much to love about PETRA’s plant mister.
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