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Woman using Petra's portable shower outdoors.

Portable Showers to Ramp Up Your Outdoor Adventure

While it's true that outdoor activities can get us hyped up and refresh our souls, it becomes a challenge to also keep ourselves clean at the same time. Not getting a bath after getting sweated up or muddy, or covered with sand or salt can give us a dirty feeling.

Woman using a Petra's portable shower outdoors.

It can be the most uncomfortable feeling, making the outdoor experience less satisfying. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that anymore, thanks to the dawn of portable showers, which are real game-changers in our fitness and outdoor adventures.

Now, what is a portable shower?

A portable shower is a lightweight, compact bundle that allows you to wash off the dishes, gear, or yourself in the middle of the woods.

You'll rise with the sun, campfires in the dark, hunt or fish for your dinner, and take a shower! All in all, the best feeling ever! It helps your whole experience to be just as perfect as you wish for.

Which one is best for you?

There are three types of portable showers. It's best if you are aware of these portable showers, you know what suits you.

1. Battery operated pump sprayers

This convenient portable shower is lightweight and inexpensive. You can use it if you'll be on the move all day and can access water and heat it, if necessary. Just place the pump end in a tub full of water, turn it on, and boom! Water comes out of the showerhead.

2. Solar gravity shower

It comes with a pocket for holding soap and shampoo. Another convenient and inexpensive shower that will heat the water in a couple of hours if the condition is right. If you love going on beach trips, this is a perfect option for you, especially if you'll stay in a sunny location. The thing is, you just need to hang the bag, so the shower can operate because these are gravity-operated.

3. Tankless propane-fired shower

You need to carry a tank of propane, but don't worry! As long as you have a water source, you can take a shower for as long as water and propane last.

5 reasons why you need a portable shower

If you are unsure of getting a portable shower, you should know that there are benefits. We all need enough water to clean and hydrate the skin. You'll see that those people asking why they need one are actually the ones who will buy the portable shower. No regrets!

Here are five reasons why you need a portable shower:

1. Portability

From the word itself, portable, you can bring the shower wherever you want. Meaning, portable showers can move with you as you change location or sites if you are in the working environment. It's really up to you, can also be in the middle of the woods or an unexpected event. They are always ready to go!

2. Convenience

Portable showers can make life much more comfortable. If you are exposed to dirt and pollution, then a portable shower will help you clean up more quickly. Especially in a working site, the staff won't need to go far in taking a shower, which means more time spent at work and less-time off-site. If you and your companions are camping to enjoy the vastness of nature's grandeur, portable showers are great for you so you're not going to smell a little worse for the wear.

3. More space

Comfortability is what makes our experience satisfying. There's a lot of people who are cringed at the sight of single-occupant portable toilets because it's inconvenient and cramped. On such occasions, having more space for the guests is what they are looking forward to. Portable showers have the advantage of providing a bigger area and can be interconnected to accommodate more people.

4. Accessibility

Having portable showers also means you can stay clean and hygienic wherever you are. This is especially necessary for a working site where showers are needed to wash off harmful materials. Having an accessible shower can help you freshen up when you are dirty, not just in a working site. This is quite very handy for everyone who needs a good shower before working or sleeping.

5. Your companions will love it

If you are having a camp night with your friends or beach trips with family, then there's no doubt that they will love the idea of portable showers. No one wants to be left out from a good shower!

Besides keeping you fresh, it protects you from mud, germs, and harmful bacteria. Indeed, a portable shower could be what you need to make your trips even more fun.

Keep it fresh with PETRA tools

All you need is to get PETRA's portable showers to bring the comforts of your home shower into the outdoors. Now, who doesn't want to be treated like royalty?

Besides, it helps your outdoor adventure more manageable with these lightweight, portable showers. It means you no longer have to worry about mud or dirt getting into your body! It is now easier to keep clean and fresh with Petra's portable shower.

Designed to be easy to use and lightweight to carry around your adventures, PETRA's portable showers are sure to satisfy you with its performance and durability.

Gone are the days when you have to endure sleeping with your dirty clothes on a camping trip due to a lack of decent facilities. Today's latest innovations are designed to provide the comforts we usually enjoy at home to the great outdoors. Thanks to portable showers, you'll be clean and fresh wherever you may be.

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