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Best Way to Disinfect a Barbershop or Salon to Safely Open for Business

Best Way to Disinfect a Barbershop or Salon to Safely Open for Business Amidst the Threats of COVID-19

Several months ago, people rushed and shouted for protest in their respective capitol to call for the opening of businesses despite the threat of COVID-19. As businesses are slowly reopening amidst the COVID-19 breakout, here are salon and barbershop sanitation tips to follow in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Checklist for Salon and Barbershop Sanitation

The most famous statement of people that were interviewed by the media:
“I want my hair cut” “I need my beard shaved.” “I need to feel refreshed and style my hair!”

Barbershops are one of the most vulnerable places to the spread of COVID-19 because it is difficult for barbers and their clients to practice social distancing. We understand that despite the difficult situation, people need to take risks because of economic needs and personal care. 

Other than social distancing, the equipment and tools that barbers use can be prone to coronavirus infection. The surfaces are also at high risk since the virus can settle in metal, concrete, or wooden surfaces for hours up to several days. The CDC released an essential checklist that barbershop owners must be cautious of:

  1. Establish policies and practices that protect the health of all employees
  2. Observance of social distancing
  3. Create measures to ensure control of infection
  4. Establish proper communication with employees and the public
  5. Create procedures to ensure access to critical services

Best Way to Disinfect a Barbershop or Salon to Safely Open for Business Amidst the Threats of COVID-19

How to Avoid COVID-19 Infections in Your Barbershop

Make sure to keep hands clean and disinfected

When it comes to working in a barbershop, you need to ensure your hands are free from COVID-19. As you work in a barbershop, your hands will be touching potentially infected objects as well as your customers. Your hands will be transmitting the infection to yourself and other customers. You must not let your hands get in touch with your face. COVID-19 enters through the air passageways like nose and eyes. Consequently, your hands will be contaminating the tools that you are using, such as clippers, scissors, and razors. Because of this, you must wash your hands regularly. After you take a break or serve a customer, you must immediately wash your hands with soap and water.

Use an approved disinfectant that is safe effective and safe

We recommend the use of the Petra ULV500 professional surface cleaner as a powerful disinfectant that is 80 times more effective than any bleach brand. It is produced in 5 to 6 pH that is effective in killing bacteria and novel viruses.
Spray and wipe all direct-touch and exposed surfaces such as floors, chairs, doorknobs, clippers, razors, scissors, brushes, combs, fabric, and more. Remove the part of the tools that will potentially leave organic matter like hair and skin.

Do not allow customers to share tools

Do not use the same tool with a customer without proper disinfection. If an item needs to be disposed of, place them in a safe trash bin. The shampoo bowls and boards must be cleaned and disinfected with Petra ULV500 at all times.

How to Properly Clean Your Barber Tools

  • Clean-off all debris and residue on your tools. Read the user’s manual to know how to clean correctly. Typically, scrubbing and brushing are good enough to remove the dirt.
  • All removable parts must be immersed in Petra ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive so that it will not damage your tools.
  • Other necessary items like combs, brushes, and fabric such as cloaks must be disinfected before and every after use. For fabrics, it should only be used once and must immediately go to the laundry.
  • All disposable items must be labeled as “single-use-only” and should be thrown into a secure trash bin. These are cotton balls, wooden applicators, toe separators, and more. It is highly suggested that you spray the trash bin with disinfectant to ensure the safety of those in charge of waste disposal.
As we continue to face the challenge of COVID-19, barbershops and salons are also struggling to bounce back from the economic effects of the pandemic. Barbershops and salons are essential social services that allow people to de-stress amidst challenging times. However, the utmost cautious actions must be followed to keep everyone safe.
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