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What is Hypochlorous Acid?

What is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)?

Hypochlorous acid cleaner is a perfect weapon that we must harness to fight against germ-causing illnesses. It can hit hard to pathogens like Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Pseudomonas aeroginosa This powerful and germ-killing weapon is impressive. It is non-toxic, 100% safe to humans, no chemicals, and 100% natural. It has been used in the field of medicine for almost a century. Before antibiotics were discovered, HOCL was already used to irrigate and disinfect wounds during the First World War. Today, its use is widespread in daily sanitation like for daycare centers, hospitals, restaurants, and grocery stores.

How does HOCL work naturally in the human body?

HOCL Disinfectant is a weak acid that is naturally existing in the human body. The neutrophils are the white blood cells that forefronts when they sense an invading pathogen. As a result, the neutrophils are the ones that chase down to overwhelm the pathogen through the process of phagocytosis. By the time the neutrophils engulf the pathogen, they will release a burst of bactericidal chemicals, and that includes HOCL as the most powerful oxidizing agent. With this, the pathogen will tear down its cell membranes and proteins until its dead.

Popular Germ-Killing Solutions

The first famous disinfectant agent at our disposal is bleach. Bleach is commonly used in hospitals, homes, and commercial establishments. It shares the same chlorine family as HOCL that can kill bacteria, fungus, spores, and viruses. However, bleach can be dangerous. It can irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs when inhaled over long periods and can potentially become carcinogenic. Contrastly, Hypochlorous Acid Cleanser is non-odor, non-irritating, and non-toxic. The other common disinfectant that everybody uses is alcohol. It is common in clinics for cleaning instruments and furniture. Also, it is a crucial ingredient in hand sanitizers. When you buy alcohol, choose the 70% Ethyl Alcohol because it is proven to be more effective, killing bacteria, fungus, and viruses but not on bacterial spores. The use of hand sanitizer is common in offices. Many cases of consistent and prolonged use of hand sanitizer can lead to hand dermatitis. Some people are also allergic to hand sanitizers. Fortunately, HOCL can replace hand sanitizers because it has no irritating side effects. Moreover, HOCL Cleaner is more potent than 70% Ethyl Alcohol.

Why Is Hypochlorous Acid Surface Cleaner Not Widely Used?

One of the explanations is the high cost of manufacturing. Since HOCL can only be stable for a short period, it needs high-cost technology. PetraTools ULV500 Professional Surface Cleaner is one of the HOCL products in the market that has perfected the technique.

If HOCL is isolated in pure form, it becomes unstable. So, it needs to exist as a solution. One of the techniques that manufacturers adapt is electrolyzed water and sodium chloride. Another most straightforward method is the acidification process of hypochlorite (HCL). HCL is the chemical that manufacturers of bleach use. The last method, which is more complicated, is by inducing hydrolysis by adding gaseous chlorine. It can be highly toxic and complex to manipulate.

Why is Hypochlorous Acid Spray Cleaner Powerful to Fight Against Disease-Causing Pathogens?

If we dissect HOCL, the secret of its power is its pH level. It maintains a pH solution between the range of 3 to 6. If the pH is higher, there will be a dominance of hypochlorite in the solution. Likewise, if the solution has a lower pH, there will be a high concentration of chlorine. Therefore, if the frequency of the pH level is in the optimal range (3 to 6), it stays powerful to kill pathogens.

PetraTools ULV500 Top Disinfectant Spray

PetraTools introduces ULV500 best natural disinfectant spray to the market. It is the hypochlorous acid spray that can effectively clean and disinfect any surface in your home, school, healthcare facility, vehicle, food processing facility, and more.  ULV500 hypochlorous acid sanitizer is a potent oxidizer that can intensively clean and eliminate bad odor in surfaces, carpets, HVAC systems, water sources, and more. It has a neutral pH solution that is safe and free from corrosion.
  • ULV500 best disinfectant spray is 80 times more effective than any bleach leading brands. It is a product of advanced technology that is non-corrosive and can best eliminate germs and viruses. The existent natural features of HOCL for 200 years is what makes PetraTools ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant Spray more effective in killing disease-causing bacteria than bleach.
  • It is 100% organic and safe. It does not bear any toxic ingredient that can cause danger to the user or children. Using ULV500 makes you feel good, especially at home.
  • PetraTools ULV500 can be useful on all surfaces, including food-contacting surfaces like tables and countertops. It does not leave any residue; which is perfect for highchairs, car seats, strollers, floors, tablets, toys, laminate, furniture, granite, glass, metal, painted surfaces, plastic, porcelain, ovens, quartz, sealed & unsealed stone, sinks, stainless steel, toilets, vinyl, walls, and any other water-safe surface.
  • For your convenience, PetraTools offers a friendly packaging of ULV500 that you can readily use. The ULV500 Hypochlorous Acid Sprayer comes in ready-to-use bottles that can last for six months. When applying, no need to rinse. Spray and wipe.
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