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PetraTools Battery Powered 13 Gallon Pushcart Sprayer (Prime)

PetraTools Battery Powered 13 Gallon Pushcart Sprayer (Prime)

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Your heavy-duty chore meets our heavy-duty sprayer! Cover larger lawns, gardens, greenhouses and crops easily and conveniently with PetraTools Battery-Powered 13-Gallon Pushcart Sprayer (PRIME).

A perfect solution for your large-scale spray chores without needing to move the sprayer itself. Adjust the spray pattern at your will and reach wider areas. No hassle, all efficiency.

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  • 6-8 hrs. pumpless spray action
  • Lock trigger handle
  • Easy-drain tank design with volume markings
  • 130 ft. high-quality hose
  • Multiple nozzle attachments
  • Custom cart
  • Adjustable 80+ PSI pump
  • Heavy-duty wand
  • Outstanding customer support


    Save your hands on the tiresome pumping and cover more areas with ease and convenience.


    Spray fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and more with a balanced application on every nozzle. For a healthy lawn, garden, and more.


    This cart makes it easy to move and maneuver the 13-gallon tank sprayer. The reel retracts the hose quickly so you can be ready to move on to the next task or store it away when you are done.


    Spray fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and more with a balanced application on every nozzle. For a healthy lawn, garden, and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Wayne D
The hose of 100 feet is useful and convenient

I spray weed-killer on a one acre limestone parking lot and nineteen camprground lots. I spray about 40 gallons of Round-up three times per growing season. The 13 gallon Petra sprayer worked flawlessly during last growing season. I am beginning the second season with this sprayer. The hose is nice for the spraying of a large areas without having to constantly move the sprayer. When movement is necessary the reel works as designed to roll up the 100 feet hose. The sprayer when full of weed killer is heavy but still movable by a person of average strength. Persons of smaller stature may choose to utilize less gallons of product to reduce problems with moving the sprayer. One of the many wands is ideal for weed killer. The adjustable spray control is a nice addition and works well. The tool box mounted on top of the tank is easily accessible and has controls which are easy to operate. This sprayer is not over-engineered. It works as designed. It is notch above homeowner quality of construction but not of commercial quality. It is a reasonable buy for the price. It rolls easy on hard surfaces but takes effort to roll on limestone parking areas and grassy areas. The small pump seems adequate. The charger worked properly. The battery will last all day long. I do not have to recharge halfway through a day long spraying job. Should the lead acid battery wear out as all will do with the passage of years it will be easy to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. The standardness of the 12 volt lead acid battery is a plus. All of the hose connections worked as designed. I would have given the sprayer a rating of "five" if it had larger rear wheels allowing easier movement on limestone parking areas. I had no problem with tipping. It has never tipped over while in use. It is also light enough for an average man to lift it onto the bed of a pick up truck when the water tank is empty. I assembled this unit more than a year ago and do not remember any assembly problems. I waited until I used this sprayer a full season before submitting this review.

Great customer service. "Nina"

Nina in customer support was a champ. She returned my phone message fast and answered my question after consulting a different department about my need.

Very versatile and user friendly!

This sprayer is great for larger spraying jobs. The 100’ hose is great and allows a large area to be sprayed without having to move the sprayer. Pressure is good. Battery life is long. One thing I’d like to see is tank agitation since it is 13 gallons but I know that would affect battery life.

Amazon Customer

This is my second Petra sprayer my first was the 6. Gallon one so I wanted a bigger one so I bought the 13 gallon one and I absolute love it I dealt with ALex and he is wonderful to deal with I would give this a 10 if I could the service is also wonderful thank you I had spoken to ALEX and the first one I dealt with Jenny you can’t go wrong with either Alex or Jeannie thanks again

Robert E.
Saved time, back ache and used less product

-15 minutes to assembly (not bad)
- Adjustable spray pattern for up close or far away (gutters on house)
- I used a lot less product than normal - assumed it was because I had constant pressure and lower volume setting
- What used to take me hours to spray with a 5 gallon back pack sprayer, I finished in close to 1/4 the time
- My back doesn't ache from carrying a back pack sprayer

- Multiple misc fittings that are useless without additional adapters
- Metal frame is warped - doesn't hurt performance but only rides on 3 wheels. May have been damaged during shipping?
- Wand attachment kept leaking, had to add 3 rubber washers (they do send a bag of extras) . I could see why it leaked - there's weren't long enough to reach first washer but this goes back to misc attachments without correct adapters

The time and back ache saved was worth the purchase but if anyone from the manufacturer reads this, they should pull out the bag of attachments and make sure they can all be used with included adapters.

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