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HD3000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer - 3 Gallon

HD3000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer - 3 Gallon

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Our HD3000 Battery Backpack Sprayer is fast, convenient, and efficient. Ditch hoses and other lame sprayers that take forever to apply solutions. With our easy-to-use sprayer, you can apply fertilizers or weed killers half the time. Just switch between nozzles to distribute liquids precisely how you want them.

It saves you time and effort so you can do other things that matter most to you.

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  • Multiple Nozzle Attachments
  • Wide-mouth opening for easy filling
  • Easy-fill tank with volume markings
  • Ultra-life rechargeable battery with 2-2.5 hrs. of power
  • Heavy-duty wand with locking trigger
  • Extra-padded backpack straps
  • Adjustable 40-65+ PSI Pump
  • Outstanding customer support


    Relaxed hands, faster spray time – that’s the kind of convenience you'll have. Get faster spray times, ease up on the grip and experience full control of your spray – the HD3000 is meant to go the distance with you.


    Stands up to any job you throw at it. With a minimal amount of effort, HD3000 is perfect for gardens, lawns, commercial spraying, and greenhouse operations!


    Spraying doesn’t have to be a pain. Wear our HD3000 Backpack Sprayer comfortably for hours and still be able to complete your chores! Work safe and efficient without the annoying shoulder and back pain at the end of each task.

Customer Reviews

Based on 304 reviews
Alan J.
Great sprayer

Can't say enough good about this sprayer. After using a 3 gallon backpack pump sprayer for a number of years, this sprayer was like a breath of fresh air. Turn a control and you have pressure constantly till you turn it off. What an arm saver! A nozzle for every application, makes this sprayer a must for everyone.

Lone Ranger
So far so good!

So far the sprayer has been working fantastic. It has plenty of runtime and the adjustable pressure output is very helpful. I recommend calibrating it with water in your driveway first as it does put out a lot of liquid in a short period of time at full pressure. If you have a lot of acreage I would recommend the 4 gallon model. Just remember it will be a little bit heavier.

Sharon M. Mix
Very versatile tool

I have used this on the lawn for killing weeds. I have also used it to spray insecticide as I had a problem with carpenter bees. I even used it to spray water and dish soap on my front porch when I was cleaning some of the siding. I had my doubts during assembly using the chzzy white thread sealing tape they provided but I must admit it’s working with no leaks. I did notice some leakage from the top of the carrier when I filled it with three gallons of water (max level). I have learned to use the tool with less than three gallons and had no problem.

Jana Hogenson
Great product

So much easier to use than the hand pump sprayers. Works as advertised. Cuts the time to spray by75%. Highly recommend. Not 100% satisfied with the nozzles but would definitely buy again. Won't spray to the top of the tree and leaks when adjusted. Still saved so much time. Battery pump is fantastic

Marilyn C
A bargain, makes caring for your plants a breeze!

I water and fertilize my plants outside and this makes the job a joy!

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