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Crop Defender - All Natural Bio-Pesticide (1Gal)
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Crop Defender - All Natural Bio-Pesticide (1Gal)

Need an all-natural insecticide and fungicide for your precious plants? Crop Defender is the perfect broad-spectrum IPM solution to defeat powdery mildew, aphids,...

$219.99 $149.99

Worm Tea Liquid Fertilizer

PetraTools Worm Tea Concentrate for organic production is a liquid solution to help enrich your soil for vegetable gardens and other plants. It’s...


100% Cold Pressed - Neem Oil For Plants

PetraTools Pure Neem Oil is 100% cold-processed and OMRI listed for organic use. It's a natural and organic formula that primarily helps...


Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer - Liquid Fertilizer

PetraTools Liquid Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer promotes soil and root health and provides essential nutrients and minerals to plants. This fertilizer for organic...


100% Cold Pressed – Neem Oil For Plants

When searching for a safe and effective product to keep your lawn and garden healthy and green all the time, look no further than PetraTools 100% Cold-Pressed Neem...


Soil Bacteria Booster

An advanced formula that promotes better soil conditioning and healthy plant growth. It works by breaking down material and converting it to...

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