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HD3000 Wand

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[New HD Version] Fiber/Plastic Acid/Bleach Wand - (Compatible with HD5...

Durable plastic wand resistant to bleaches and acids Compatible with PetraTools Beast, HD4000, and HD5000 sprayers Included an adapter for sealing o...


PetraTools Sprayer Wand - Stainless Steel Wand

A Stainless steel and adjustable wand that fits both the HD valve handle, & black trigger handle, the metal pistol, and all...

PetraTools Extendable Pressure Washer Wand - Steel Wand

PetraTools Extendable Pressure Washer Wand - Steel Wand

MULTIFUNCTION: Our Extendable Wand is suitable for pest control, car washing, plant watering, agricultural irrigating, household cleaning, etc.  RUST & CORROSION RESISTANT:...

$39.99 $19.99

HD3000 Wand

Wand that comes standard with the HD3000. Also compatible with the HD4000, HD4050, LTPRO, HD4100, HD5000, HD5000-Pro, Beast, and Prime sprayers


New Black Wand Cap Replacements

Compatible with HD4000, LTPRO, HD4100, HD5000, HD5000-Pro, Beast, Prime

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