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100% Cold Pressed - Neem Oil For Plants (8.5 Fl Oz)

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PetraTools Pure Neem Oil is 100% cold-processed and OMRI listed for organic use. It's a natural and organic formula that primarily helps plants revive their health and natural shiny glow. We formulated our pure neem oil for plants to be highly effective in all its uses by retaining most of its nutrients through a cold-pressed process, its high Azadirachtin content, and with no additives.



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Customer Reviews

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pill popper
Safe effective treatment for plants.

I have had recurring problems with disease and pests in our small citrus trees and a hibiscus. Spraying them weekly with neem has solved most of the problems.

Natural Bug killer

I thought the bottle would bigger size for the price. A friend suggested purchasing this for bugs in my garden.

C. W.
Worth the money

Mealybugs disappeared after spraying to vegetables. I like it.

That Adorable Ghost
The trick with neem...

... is to use it routinely, and not just on the tops of leaves. You want to do the stems and undersides. My rule is to hit in spring and continue weekly, even if there's no sign of disease or insects. In the case of fungus, I add a treatment after rain. It's affordable using this concentrate.

If you're dealing with sooty mold on euonymus, holly or other thick-leaved plants, don't bother applying neem atop the affected leaves. That funk has to come off, and the best way is lightly scrubbing with the business side of a Scotch-Brite non-scratch kitchen dish sponge and a mild dish-soap/water solution. It won't hurt the leaves if you don't go too crazy. Hit the stems, too. You'll find wonderfully green healthy tissue beneath all that grime. (Be sure to check the leaves' undersides as well.) Spray remaining soap off the leaves, let dry and then treat with neem. If you don't trust yourself to scrub thick-leaved plants, give it a shot on a few leaves and check them in a week. Euonymus and holly can take it.

It's real need oil.

This bottle more value for the money and easier to open than the small bottle. The small bottle has a cap that needs to be pryed open with metal spoon. This bottle has a foil covering like the cooking oil sold in supermarkets.

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