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100% Cold Pressed - Neem Oil For Plants (8.5 Fl Oz)

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PetraTools Pure Neem Oil is 100% cold-processed and OMRI listed for organic use. It's a natural and organic formula that primarily helps plants revive their health and natural shiny glow. We formulated our pure neem oil for plants to be highly effective in all its uses by retaining most of its nutrients through a cold-pressed process, its high Azadirachtin content, and with no additives.

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Customer Reviews

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Good biological pesticide

I diluted this in my sprayer to kill army worms.


This Neem Oil has brought my plants to thrive! It's my second order,a larger size cos I don't ever want to be without it! I spray most of my plants with a diluted solution of one tspn Neem Oil, 1/2 tspn dish soap and 8 oz water in small spray bottle, shake well, and spray! SO EASY! I sprayed it on my BRAZIL, Moonlight, Aglaonemas, even my Dieffenbaccia which was dropping lil yellow leaves stopped dropping leaves! Look at these healthy shiny leaves! Even my Caladiums which I thought had gone dormant came back to life! This oil also keeps pests and fungus gnats away! My Marble Queen Pothos is shiny, healthy, and growing faster! When I bought the Aglaonemas Pink and Red, they were pale. After spraying them a couple times, they got Vibrant and their true colors came to life! No brown tips, No dropping leaves! I spray a light mist on ALL MY PLANTS every other NITE. I don't spray during the day cos it's an oil, and the sun might burn the leaves. Even my baby bamboo"s leaves are shiny and she's growing fast in her lol owl pot just in water and pebbles. This Neem oil is like a super vitamin for plants! So glad I can get this 100 percent pure, organic oil from AMAZON delivered at my door! Thanks AMAZON! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND STAY SAFE! don't hesitate to buy this! My plants have never been healthier or as shiny, giving me faster growth! You'll LOVE IT! AND SO WILL YOUR PLANTS ! ENJOY!

Good stuff

I’ve used serval types of neem oil this one is right up there in the list of best I’ve used. I use to prevent mold/mildew in my grow tent. So far so go

Much cheaper than ready mixed

This is so much cheaper than ready mixed. Each ounce makes a gallon of spray by adding water and a little dish soap. I got a cheap hand pumped sprayer to make the job much easier. Highly recommend over ready mixed spray bottles. There are several brands for sale. Make sure it advertises high Azadirachtin .

Great for my plants

Easy to use in the garden.

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