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Petratools HD4000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer


150 five star reviews
was $299.99


With Petratools advanced HD4000 Battery-Powered Sprayer, you’ve got the power, features, and capacity to spray all day.

From a durable translucent tank, to its tough high-pressure hose, the HD4000 can handle whatever job you throw at it.

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  • Spray Comfortably

    Whatever the crop, whatever the product, you’ve got to keep going until the job’s done. From corn to pests, residential flowerbed or backyard garden, timely and even treatments are essential. Petratools has designed the shoulder straps on the HD4000 to provide maximum comfort and longevity.

  • Product Application Where You Need It

    Overspray equals loss, both in terms of time on the job and money spent on product. With the HD4000’s pressure adjustment, and one of Petratools many included nozzles, you can quickly find the spray pattern that’ll maximize your application, even with gloves on. From home & garden use, all the way up to commercial fields, trust Petratools.

  • Multiple Spraying Options

    The HD4000 comes with the Petratools HD Brass Nozzle that can be twisted to go from a long-shot stream to a fine mist, Single Fan-Flat Spray, and Shower Head Cone Nozzle for commercial-grade spraying jobs. Combined with our brand new Petratools HD plastic acid bleach wand, Petratools gives you a multitude of options. The tough plastic squeeze handle has a locking mechanism for added safety. Every Petratools product is designed to help you get your job done, and back to the things you love quicker!

What is Petratools HD4000

Quality control testing and final assembly on each sprayer completed at our testing centers in the USA! We created the Petratools HD4000 Sprayer with commercial quality standards. We have spent extensive time, researching, developing, testing and implementing quality control measures to create a dependable and long-lasting sprayer. What makes the HD4000 so unique is its lightweight design and battery capacity that lasts 3x’s longer than most 2.0AH lithium sprayers on the market!

Nobody’s Got Time For Spills

Spraying ain’t easy, and Petratools has engineered the HD4000 from the ground up to respond to the challenges you face every day. The HD4000 extra-wide mouth and lid includes a filter screen to make filling stress free and prevent dirt and contaminants from entering your product. Multiple nozzles included for a variety of spraying jobs, and they easily store in the secondary lid. Petratools even made the lid out of day-glow orange plastic so they don’t get lost in between treatments.


150 five star reviews
  • Sean
    Best ever fogger to use as a sanitation against COVID-19
    Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2020 Fogger | Verified Purchase

    Jus two gallons is enough. Very use to use and for me the best of all EEP I already bought. Very affordable. It really creates a fog in you room without watering it. Amazon is my place to buy everything that I need. .

  • PhIlly Man
    This company will stand behind their product 100%. Awesome Atomizer!
    Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2020 Fogger | Verified Purchase

    Highly recommend doing business with Petratools! Great product and awesome customer service. Will text you back promptly and no waiting on emails.

  • journey2learn
    Awesome Machine
    Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2020 Fogger | Verified Purchase

    If you are looking for a fogger that really works and produces great results you need to try this one from Petratools.

  • Frugal Footwear
    Reliable product
    Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2020 Fogger | Verified Purchase

    I ordered this fogger to replace a poorly made fogger from another manufacturer. I chose it because it would perform the tasks that I need to do daily and it has customer service. I did not expect to contact them after a couple of weeks, but when I did, they sent my replacement part immediately and we have had no other issues. My staff and I are thoroughly satisfied and I would definitely recommend this product.

  • John Thomas
    It is a quality product
    Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2020 Fogger | Verified Purchase

    The item was easy to use. it did what the company said it would do!