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Petratools HD5000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer With Reel Cart - Getting Started

**Due to ongoing improvements, your sprayer may come with slightly different accessories and parts. Please refer to the listing description at the time of order.

HD5000 Reel Cart Sprayer - Assembly Instructions


HD5000 Sprayer: Nozzles (Nozzles not included available for sale on website)

HD5000 Sprayer: Putting Straps On Sprayer


HD5000 Sprayer: Changing Battery Or Pump


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the pump stand up to bleach/chlorine mix for spraying/cleaning asphalt shingle roofs as long as it's flushed after every use with water?

Yes, as long as you are using the supplied black, plastic wand and performing recommended, routine maintenance on the sprayer, you will be able to use bleach/chlorine sprays.

Is the pump adjustable?

Yes, our sprayers offer a feature in a silver dial that lets you adjust the PSI output of the sprayer.

What is the maximum/minimum PSI?

The PSI ranges from 30-90.

Can I use it for mosquito fogging/misting?

Yes, the HD5000 comes with multiple spray nozzle attachments for the wands and handles that can achieve a variety of effects; one of those being insect repellants.

Is there a nozzle that creates misting or fogging at a high power?

The HD5000 comes with various nozzle attachments. Among those are some misting nozzles; However, if you are looking to achieve the finest spray and a "fogging/atomizing" effect, we really recommend you take a look at our Petratools Fogger Atomizer.

Is the fan nozzle included?

Yes, the HD5000 comes with multiple, various nozzle attachments for different uses. Among those is the fan nozzle attachment.

Can I leave my solution in the canister when not in use?

It is not recommended to leave solution in the sprayer while not in use, as it can clog the unit.

Are there any cleaning instructions to follow after each use?

We recommend that you rinse the unit out with clean water after each use. After every couple uses, we recommend letting a full tank of warm water sit for a couple of hours and then spraying it out to ensure longevity.

How far will the sprayer go?

The sprayer can achieve a distance of about 25-30 feet horizontally. Vertically you could expect the distance to reduce by about 5-10 feet.

Are the numbers on the tank quarts or liters?

There's both liter and gallon markings on the tank.

What is the return policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 1 year warranty.

TOLL FREE: 1-800-613-6889