Petra HD 5000 Reel Cart Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer With Custom Fit Reel Cart & 100 Foot Commercial Hose (6.5 Gallon)

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Petra Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer With Custom Fitted Cart And 100 Foot Commercial Hose, Multipurpose HD Wand included, Spray Pistol, 1 Handle, Commercial Quality Heavy Duty Sprayer, 6.5 Gallon – 6-8 Hours Continuous Spray To Never Pump Again

      • INCLUDES CUSTOM FITTED REEL CART – This sprayer was custom molded to lock perfectly with the commercial quality reel cart. The STEEL frame and large flat-free tires provide easy transportation – No more wobbly cart! Features extended hose rack and built-in wand holder.
      • 100 FOOT COMMERCIAL QUALITY HOSE: Get the longest backpack sprayer hose on the market to easily cover large areas without moving your sprayer! Includes an additional 4 foot  hose. Automatic 70+ PSI pump with adjustable output! Includes pistol attachment for fine mist to targeted spray pattern.
      • NEVER PUMP AGAIN – BATTERY POWERED: Sprays For 6-8 hours on a single battery charge or over 200 gallons of solution so that you can spray all day on a single charge without worrying about pumping. The 12AH lead acid battery provides 4X the battery life of other lithium battery sprayers. If needed, battery can be changed quickly. Includes fully-automatic AC charger that completely charges battery in 8 hours. Includes easy-clean tank drain.
      • MULTIPURPOSE HD WAND AND HANDLE: This can be used for all types of solutions, just make sure to wash the wand after use to remove remaining chemicals to meet all your spraying needs. Includes heavy-duty plastic squeeze handle with locking mechanism. Large wide mouth lid allows for easy filling with screen filter to keep dirt & debris out of tank. Includes 4 different nozzle attachments!
      • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Text or Call 800-613-6889 with any questions. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your PETRA HD-5000 Sprayer and will help any way we can. Contact us! Quality control testing and final assembly on each sprayer completed at our testing centers in the USA!


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