PetraMax Lawn Paint - Grass Paint for Lawn


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Get a premium-looking lawn with Lawn Paint, a 30% more concentrated grass paint that uses custom pigment technology and state-of-the-art chemistry to create a vibrant yet natural color that lasts for months.

"Send me every bottle you have, I want to walk my neighborhood route we do with our Golden, SANS pup, and take this with me, touching up everyones lawn! LOL. This is so satisfyingly perfect. Exactly what we needed.!"

- Rachael, Verified Customer


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    PetraMax Lawn Paint - Grass Paint for Lawn


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      PetraTools HD4000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer



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        Lawn Paint is designed with safety in mind, making it safe for use around people, pets, and machinery. Its fast-drying formulation and proprietary wetting agents ensure a smooth and even application, while its advanced bonding technology prevents color transfer and ensures excellent adhesion.





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        100% YES. We are in awe!!!!

        Send me every bottle you have, I want to walk my neighborhood route we do with our Golden, SANS pup, and take this with me, touching up everyones lawn! LOL. This is so satisfyingly perfect. Exactly what we needed.!

        **Important to know (From our opinion and experience) ** Please take note as for all lawns, climates, etc. differ.**

        I am stating this, based on what I witnessed, and how our lawn turned out.
        You must have SOME sort of grass, substance in the patched (small or big) area you are trying to cover. This product (obviously) has to grasp/adhere to something. It will not fill a bald, void space, with the new idea of painted grass there.

        It will most likely not color match your current grass situation to a tee either, I suggest spraying lightly and constantly and moving at all times, you can always go back over and step back to take a full view, before over saturating any spot.

        It isn't perfect ! But, for us it PERFECTLY did everything we hoped it would, everything described as far as the product was spot on, and we no longer are looking at dead grass.


        Damian Galvan

        Should’ve bought more!

        With the crazy Texas and my constantly watering with little to no results, this year was to say the least the worst for my lawn. I gave up and was going to start fresh next spring, but I couldn’t stand staring at this eye sore every time I pulled up. Financially couldn’t afford getting new sod this year, so I thought I’d give this a try. Only purchased 1 bottle (should’ve purchased at least 2), and added it sparingly throughout this big front yard. Wow! Seriously made a massive difference! Going to purchase more to cover up the unevenness and missed areas, but wanted to post. Must buy!


        John M.

        This spray worked very well! Better than replacing the grass…

        I am very happy with the results of this product, although I wish there was a little more of the formula for the money.

        I used a whole container on 10 dead grass spots 2 weeks ago; each area being around 10-15 square feet each. I sprayed 3 to 4 coats on some dead grass areas in order to get the color and coverage that I wanted. The product definitely stayed through the rain, as we in NYC have had rain at least 8 of the past 14 days since air applied the product.

        The pictures I added are the before and after comparisons in one area of my backyard that I applied this product. The first “after” photo is post-application on the same day. The third photo is today (2 weeks later). The grass was mowed yesterday, and the product looks so natural that you can’t even tell the grass is dead in the application spots.

        I def will be buying this again when the hot summer burns some of my grass.



        Excellent Product

        Applied to ¾ of my front lawn yesterday. I’m in north Florida and after the 3-4 nights of 20ish degree weather, we went fully dormant. This product today looks like it’s summer. I would recommend using a nylon or cheese cloth to filter the paint going into the mixer to prevent any paint “boogers” from causing clogs. Mix it up very well before spraying, and you should be good to go. Can’t speak on longevity, as I applied yesterday, but the immediate result is great.


        Jaydee R.

        Who knew?

        When I first learned about this product I was very both surprised and very skeptical. I recently had a big shrub removed from my yard and the sod I laid down was yellow and wilted, needless to say I didn’t keep up with the watering. I had a party in the yard and I hated how that area looked specially because it was in the front so you couldn’t miss it. I ordered the grass dye and holy smokes it instantly worked!!!



        Does what it claims!!!

        I wasn’t sure about painting my grass. But I live in a rental home and I know that the owner not myself will invest in what needs to be done to the lawn in the front yard. I mowed first thing in the morning and then applied a coat of grass paint and it turned out surprisingly well. It looks pretty impressive and I now have the nicest lawn on the street. Thank you Petratools for an amazing product. I just purchased a gallon to do the entire yard!!!! 5 STARS


        PetraTools HD4000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer



        4 Gallon




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          PetraMax Grass Paint Max Strength



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