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Revitalize your space and greenery with the powerful Spraytorium Electric Fogger - the ultimate tool for effortless spraying!

"This little piece of equipment is amazing. The quality is by far comparable to any big name manufacturers. Has definitely made an impact for my company by allowing us to do fogging/misting jobs for mosquitoes."

- Nita Flores, Verified Customer


Revolutionize your spraying routine with the Spraytorium 4-Gallon Electric Backpack Fogger. This powerhouse tool delivers effortless and efficient results, covering large areas quickly and effectively.

Perfect for both home and business use, it's the ultimate solution for refreshing your living space or providing your plants with the nutrients they need. Lightweight and user-friendly, the Spraytorium Fogger is the game-changing tool you need to achieve professional-grade results with ease.















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Cheapest way for real DIY mosquito control

I was paying $700 per year for a mosquito company to come out and spray my yard. I watched how easy it was so I thought about going DIY for the last year. Gas sprayers are $500-$700 and I have moved away from gas yard equipment the last year. I didnt want to have to keep gas on hand for one item. I found this and ordered it immediately along with Permenthin SFR.

Just did my first spray half an hour ago. I used two ounces per gallon of water as recommended online. I filled two gallons because I had no idea how much I need. I have a .7 acre lot but only do the back yard because I have a lot of flowering plants in the front and I don't want to kill bees or butterflies. Two gallons was way more than enough. I would suggest starting off with a gallon and see how much you actually use. I did my backyard 3-4 times with two gallons and I have a large wooded lot.

Very simple to operate. Just connect the black end screw for assembly. Add your product, add water, plug it in and it's ready to go. I have a 100' extension cord and plugged it in a deck outlet. Yes the cord is a drawback but it only adds a few minutes of extra setup. No need to get gas and try to start it. No worrying about winter storage, stabilizer, oil changes, or anything. The cord from the machine held my extension cord well and didn't have it pull out from it even though I had tension on the cord while it was dragging through my lawn. This doesn't draw a lot of power so you can go thinner on a longer cord. I would suggest buying longer than you need and something to hold onto the cord for easier storage.

The machine atomizes very well. Just as good as the gas blowers. It sprayed at least 15'. With two gallons I sprayed for over 20 minutes on the highest setting. It was atomizing that well.

Comfortable to wear. Two gallons is a little heavy but not bad at all. It's well balanced and the straps are comfortable. It's very well made, especially for the price.

The machine is significant'y quieter than gas. I have very sensitive ears and didn't feel I needed ear protection. It's about as loud as a vacuum.

I will keep this review updated with how well Permenthin works for mosquitos and how well the backpack blower continues to function. The machine was $229 when I bought it, and the liquid was $30 for 32oz. With 2oz per gallon it means this will cost me about $2 per gallon of mixed liquid and one gallon will be enough for one treatment for me. The mosquito company was charging $70 per treatment so it's pretty significant savings. I will be saving money in about 4 treatments.

**Edit** Permenthrin worked very well. I sprayed about 3 weeks ago and no mosquitos until a couple last night. I will be spraying again today. It lasted the same amount of time as the commercial mosquito companies. Very happy with this purchase.

**2nd edit** I have been reading to add a product called Pivot 10 IGR. Not sure the amount yet but will figure it out and update this once it arrives. Permenthin will kill the active mosquitos. Pivot 10 will disrupt the reproduction cycle so you get more time in between sprays. It helping to prevent the next round of off spring. Once mine arrives I will give it a try and update this review. I've sprayed three times and very happy with this machine.

***3rd edit*** It's Halloween and I used this machine along with both chemicals for the entire year. Worked as good as commercial companies, and the Pivot 10 product helps to go longer in between sprays. A couple times I went well over a month. I used less than 1oz for the gallon or two of water. Probably 1/2 an oz. I store the backpack in a large tote along with the chemicals and it fits fine. Worth every cent.


Nita Flores

Family owned with high quality equipment

This little piece of equipment is amazing. The quality is by far comparable to any big name manufacturers. Has definitely made an impact for my company by allowing us to do fogging/misting jobs for mosquitoes.
Spoke with some reps for this family owned company and they are humble and dedicated to making the customer happy.
I will support this company and this equipment as much as I can.
Thanks you Petra


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