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PetraTools Backpack Fogger & Crop Defender Pest Control Bundle

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Need an all-natural insecticide and fungicide for your precious plants? Crop Defender is the perfect broad-spectrum IPM solution to defeat powdery mildew, aphids, thrips, fungus gnats, whiteflies and botrytis. Our ULV fogger is the perfect way to save solution and get even coverage for your plants - making this the ultimate pest control bundle.

  • - Includes 1 4-Gallon ULV Backpack Fogger
  • - Includes 1-Gallon Crop Defender Bio-Pesticide
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Customer Reviews

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I’ve been using the crop Defender all natural insecticide an fungicide spray made in the USA 🇺🇸 f...

I’ve been Treating PWM as well as using it for ipm an I’m impressed! I’ve used 2 other brands in the past, doctor Zymes an lost coast plant therapy as well as the diy h2o2 mix. The doctor Zymes an the lost cost plant therapy work well an out of those 2 I feel the lost coast works a little better. But The Crop Defender works better then both 😀💪. I’ve noticed hardly any returning PWM an havent had to treat as often over my normal IPM. The Crop Defender can’t be easier to use. You shake well an then add 1 once of the Crop Defender to a gallon of water mix an then I ph an it’s ready to go. This one gallon bottle will treat 128 gallons. I use the @petratools electric back pack fogger to apply the Crop Defender.


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