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"It covers dry spots on grass and shrubs." - Delores Rabuse, Verified Customer


PetraTools R-T-U Green Grass Lawn Spray & Dog Spot Repair 32oz and 16oz

PetraTools R-T-U Green Grass Lawn Spray & Dog Spot Repair 32oz and 16oz

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PetraTools R-T-U Green Grass Lawn Spray & Dog Spot Repair is a lawn care solution that will help make the grass on your lawn green again! This lawn care solution is a non-toxic green grass paint to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to get back out of the "dog spot repair" business. This environmentally friendly green grass paint works quickly and efficiently to make brown or yellowish grass look vibrant and green again. Just spray it onto your lawn and watch as it brings life back into your yard.









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  • Non-toxic
  • Dries fast
  • Long-lasting
  • Rain resistant
  • Ready to spray
  • Instant results
  • Outstanding customer support

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
jon choate
works great

No need to have brown spots in your yard again. Works even on dirt where there is no grass.

Michael Hutcherson
Great Product!

This product won’t help with the fact that yours dogs pee has burned your grass but it will 100% work as advertised and cover up the unsightly brown patches while your new grass grows back in. It sprays a bit darker initially but after a couple of days, it blends in well. And don’t worry about your pet’s feet. Once it is dry, it won’t transfer to anything. I will be keeping this around permanently!

Andrew plunkett
It Works

Quick easy way to mask dog-pee spots in yard.

Michael S. Russek
Awesome Product

Applied to dog urine burn marks, over fertilization areas and summer heat yellow spot areas and it blends in great. Depending on how big your yard is 1 bottle might not be enough. I had to use 2 on a half acre of covering all the damaged areas. The product is amazing and blends in with a mix of fescue and Bermuda quite nice!

Grass paint works

i used this product to touch up brown areas- and it works fine - looks more natural after a day or so

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