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"Much easier to use than a pump as you go sprayer. Easy to fill, my go to unit when I am spraying a gallon or more." - Windowman, Verified Customer


HD150-PRO Handheld Sprayer - 1.5 Gallon

HD150-PRO Handheld Sprayer - 1.5 Gallon

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The PetraTools HD150 Pro Battery Powered Handheld Sprayer helps you tackle all the spray tasks around your lawn and garden while keeping the process simple and convenient. This battery-powered handheld sprayer is equipped with a powerful motor and pump that provides a steady stream of pressurized liquid. Like all our battery-operated sprayers, backpack sprayers, and cart sprayers, the HD150 Gallon is built rock solid for years of reliable service.

The HD150 Pro is portable, yet provides many of the beneficial features of a larger battery-powered backpack sprayer. This battery-powered handheld sprayer is lightweight with an ergonomic handle, so it can be easily carried around your property. Our 1.5 Gallon battery operated sprayer has an adjustable nozzle for a variety of spray needs including a powerful straight stream and a fine mist as well. Simply charge and spray continuously for 2 hours. Great things do come in small packages.
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  • Easy release pressure valve
  • High-quality spray handle
  • Easy-to-use hand pump
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Strong & comfortable side strap
  • Heavy-duty wand
  • Outstanding customer support

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Clarence L Parsons
Works great

Really works swell.

Why didn't I buy this years ago?

If you spray a lot of weeds or whatever on your property, you owe it to yourself to splurge on this guy. It's easy to use - just charge it, fill it, and spray. No pumping. No sore hands. No foolin'. I've been loading mine with white vinegar to kill weeds - a gallon at a time - and going to town. The spray is adjustable to a fine stream or just twist the end to spray a wider area. Foolproof simplicity. Seriously, this was well worth the money. I've been using it most of the summer and have yet to recharge the battery. I love it.

Doris E Parker
Ease of use

This product is great. Cuts the time from stopping to pump the old sprayer. Very well made.

Very efficient sprayer

Having used pump sprayers in the past, this is fantastic. Just plug it in to wall charger and you're ready to go. Flip the on switch and it gives you a powerful stream that goes and goes. Very durable spray nozzle and hose as well. The shoulder strap could be alittle longer, but otherwise this is a great pressure sprayer!

matt ramos
so easy to use!! no pumping!!

I use it for weed killer. Its much better than pumping by hand!

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