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Organic Neem Oil - Purest Neem Essential Oil & Oil Concentrate

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NeemLush Neem Oil is a powerful solution to remove dandruff, fight wrinkles and fine lines, avoid nail peeling and breakage, and encourage hair growth and thick hair strands. A 3-in-1 oil solution! This beauty oil is 100% cold-pressed, which retains most of its nutrients. You can make sure that every cent is worth it because you're getting plenty of nutrients. Maximum effectiveness in every drop you use.


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No “distributors” or hoops to jump through. Those other guys love to pass you off to their regional “distribution”. We make our sprayers AND support you through your jobs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tonya alford
It feels good to the touch

It feels good and light

Neem is great for repelling bugs too but doesn't sleep as bad.

I bought this to make Bug Off for working in the yard and on hikes but since it isn't as nasty as other sprays I also use it to treat our collection of quality wool rugs to keep them from being eaten by moths. My mix is 50% Neem, with 10 drops each of the following essential oils, orange, cinnamon, wintergreen, & cedar for rugs. For bug repellant I put it in coconut oil base as a cream. That moisturized and works very well. I started it after getting chiggers bites on a hike with Off bug spray that didn't all.

Lemuel D. Van Croft, II
Great Find

I love this the cosmetic grade of Neel oil is magnificent. The smell has almost been eliminated and it makes using this product an absolute pleasure. ❤️🌹

Cynthia N. Day
Good product that works

Good value for your money

Cynthia N. Day
Good product that works

Good value for your money

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