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"Easy to use. Works well!" - Jim, Verified Customer


Mister for Plants - Automatic Sprayer

Mister for Plants - Automatic Sprayer

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Our PetraTools' Mister for Plants can be used with any standard bottle up to 1-gallon. The length of the hose is 9.5 inches, so it can reach the bottom of most containers. We include AA batteries so in just seconds, you'll be conveniently spraying without pumping. Our mister for plants has an adjustable nozzle for various spray needs. Just pull the trigger and your liquid will expel. It's lightweight, convenient, and makes spraying your plants and greenery a breeze.

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Customer Reviews

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What I was looking for

This is just as described - going to use it to kill grass in the driveway instead of that awkward 3 1/2 gallon sprayer I have to pump all thetime.

Karen Meyer
No more pumping! Works as advertised.

Makes spraying my plants easier.


As advertised. Been using it daily with no complaints.

Jenell Hartman

It works for what I need.

Fight Game
Works as advertised

Works as advertised. Put water in and it shoots it out in a straight line or mists it out in a cone. Could be a better nozzle for more variety between line and cone as it is pretty tiny adjustment between either but works as advertised so no complaint there. Shoots about 10 or 12 feet away I imagine didn't measure and if you tilt the bottle back some if I recall. Its not like blasting out a 12 foot line it is more of a solid stream glug glug glug line shooting 12 feet experience not a super soaker stream of powerful water being blasted out. Has a plastic odor would keep in garage. Stood near window and blasted some loose dirt in the bottom window tray out. Drinks the water more like a sip less like a empty tank quickly so overall its fine. Wouldn't want to keep it in your bathroom sink for mirror or interior washing though because of that plastic odor.

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