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"I have only used it twice, and I am impressed." - Surfer Dude, Verified Customer


Battery Powered Sprayer - 2.5 Gallons

Battery Powered Sprayer - 2.5 Gallons

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You’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly spray pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and any type of liquid solution on your lawn or garden with our 2.5 Battery Powered Sprayer. It is an ideally sized sprayer, and it has all the features you’ll need to make any spray job easier, quicker, and more convenient. Like all our battery-operated sprayers, backpack sprayers, and cart sprayers, the 2.5 Gallon Sling Sprayer is build rock solid for years of reliable service.

Our 2.5 Gallon battery sprayer is worn over the shoulder with a comfortable, padded side strap, leaving both hands available while spraying. The wide mouth lid has an ergonomic handle, there is an easy-to-operate power button and an adjustable nozzle. The powerful battery gives you up to 6 hours of spraying capability on a single charge. At PetraTools, we offer you quality you just can’t find anywhere else.

*Sling sprayers are not compatible with any other PetraTools nozzles and wands.

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  • American Company
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  • No pump spraying
  • Adjustable stream nozzle
  • Padded shoulder side strap
  • Expandable wand
  • Wide-mouth opening
  • Easy-open lid handle
  • Translucent tank
  • Easy to operate power button
  • Outstanding customer support

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Amazon Customer
Easy to Use

Easy to use and good spray nozzle.

Turn three
Best purchase ever

I don’t know why I waited to buy one of these battery powered sprayers. I bought a 2.5 gallon sprayer and although it’s bit heavy for me when full (I’m old and slow) I can set it down and continue to spray weeds. The sprayer worked right out of the box. I used it till the battery was dead. Guess that’s not good. But I charged it for 3 hours and started again.

Darcey Ambrose
Great sprayer

Easy to use

No pumping needed

After using a pump sprayer for the past 20 plus years I finally switched over to a battery powered sprayer. It is nice to carry around and not have to stop and pump up for pressure. I think it could have had a little more pressure to it, but that is just me. It sprays out all the solution including any suds. I had plenty of charge to go further if I needed to. Very good investment!

Petra Tools is the best!

I had a shoulder replacement and had a hard time pumping those old pump sprayers that didn't work half the time. Hunted for a sprayer that was easier for my old 82 year old body. Read hundreds of reviews on Amazon. I bought a battery sprayer that worked like a charm. For awhile. Battery died. The battery was in the head and not replaceable. Good grief. The replacement head cost almost as much as the sprayer itself. Back to reading reviews. Oh, look here is a company that has extremely good customer service. So I looked up the company and liked what I read about them. So I bought one. The first time I used it, the wand kept blowing apart. Contacted them and they sent me a new wand! Fast forward one year. The warranty had just run out a few days before, and it quit. Emailed Petra, and Jen got back to me almost instantly, telling me they were sending me a new unit. That was on Wed. It came today, which is Friday! It works great! Thank you Jen and all the crew at Petra. Your customer service is the very best!

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