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Digital & Fully Automatic Egg Incubator (7 Eggs)

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Raising backyard chicken and hatching their eggs is becoming a popular and exciting hobby for many people. Hence, your fertile eggs will need a reliable chicken incubator that maintains the right conditions of temperature, ventilation, and humidity. The Petratools Digital Egg Incubator is made of durable ABS and simple to use. It can hatch eggs from chicken, dove, quale, and other bird eggs. This energy-efficient egg incubator is made of transparent surroundings to observe the hatching eggs. The LED display monitors the temperature, humidity, hatching day, and egg turning countdown time—no need to buy insulation boxes or machine. The Petratools Digital Egg Incubator will complete the entire incubation process—heating, humidity improver, and turning of eggs.
INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEM- easy to assemble and equipped with the computer-controlled LED temperature display panel. The temperature sensor demonstrates high precision and wide range

  • TEMPERATURE SETTING: The incubator temperature is set at 38°C(100°F) before shipment. This feature enables the user to adjust the temperature according to the egg category and climate.
  • LARGE EGG CAPACITY WITH A DIGITAL DISPLAY TEMPERATURE: The egg incubator offers a large space to put in all the eggs. It can hold up to 7 eggs at a time. The digital display temperature can be easily set and operated.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Without any complicated steps, the egg incubator is simple and convenient, Simply, put in the hatching eggs, plug in the power supply then you can adjust the temperature and through the control panel, create a simple setting. The egg incubator provides excellent air circulation, allowing for even temperature and humidity inside the entire incubator.
  • DURABLE AND SAFE TO USE. The incubator is designed to last a long time due to its good combination of excellent material and delicate workmanship. It is also safe to use.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: The 7-egg incubator is a perfect choice if you need to hatch eggs fast. It is easy to assemble and suitable for breeding poultry eggs- chicken, ducks, geese, quail, birds, pigeons and etc. Each incubator has been tested before shipping. Please feel free to contact us if there are any concerns.
  • FULLY-AUTOMATIC - Automatically rotates the eggs every two hours while improving the hatching rate. Safe where kids can carefully observe and learn how the hatching process works while cultivating the children’s curiosity and interests.
  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL DESIGN- the hollow egg tray design provides excellent air circulation, allowing for even temperature and humidity inside the entire incubator. It has a built-in alarm when over temperature and humidity is happening to protect the eggs.
  • EFFICIENT ENERGY USE - low power consumption that can perform heating, humidity improver, and automatic egg rotation with lesser noise.

Customer Reviews

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Good product!

I am hatched 2 set of eggs now with this product. It’s easy to use, a d was perfect for what I was looking for.

It was easy to use! Manual easy to read and understand.

Wonderful!!! Had first hatching today. Love it!