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HD4000 Battery Backpack Sprayer - 4 Gallon

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Get rid of the hassle of lugging or carrying around an inefficient hand sprayer. With PetraTools HD4000, you can spray fertilizers to weed killers without dragging a hose or even pump! Finish your spraying half the time with it's pumpless power with multi-functional nozzles, which can switch from a fan to a pinpoint stream for quick and precise applications on your lawn or garden.

No more running from the pump to the garden hose and back. No more over-spraying or having to stop and rest your arm. Plus, it won't strain your back and shoulders or make you tired after spraying. Give our HD4000 a try today and double your productivity in no time!

Customer Reviews

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jackie buchanan

I don't know why I waited so long to purchase this pump. It is amazing very easy to use and I can't believe the power it has. It is also comfortable as a back pack.

Finally after 50 years a great Sprayer

I have been in the Nursery business 50 years. I was so sick and tired of the junk sprayers you got for over $100 from Chapin and Hudson. Had to pump them 25 times and it would spray for 30 seconds then pump another 25 times. The inside of the sprayer was made of a galvanized coating that came off and blocked the nozzles after 3 months. Rust was everywhere on all the fittings after a few months. Cheap paint came off in 3 months. I used to get so aggrivated everytime I used one of them.
I love this Petra sprayer. They seemed to have thought of everything including a big powerful rechargeable battery. I wish it had less plastic and more brass fittings. I would pay another $100 for brass quality. I may order a second one. Thanks, Petra. Job well done.

Shain W.
Good pressure

Good pressure and great for small area spraying

It works like it says

Don't buy from big box stores

Michael A
Good Sprayer So Far

Came well packed, easy to set up. Used it for spraying 3 gal and battery only dropped to 13.16 volts. Good pressure, allows me to get a good strong mist for in close spot treatments with glyphosate. Verdict remains out on pump life, I haven't had good luck with the 12 VDC pumps I've had in other spraying applications. Replacement for manual back pack sprayer I've had for many years, glad I did it.


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