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Dethatcher - Liquid Lawn Solution 8oz, 32oz and 1Gal

Dethatcher - Liquid Lawn Solution 8oz, 32oz and 1Gal

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PetraTools Liquid Lawn Dethatcher is so powerful that you won't need thatch rakes to dethatch your lawn! Its formula energizes soil microbes that feed on organic materials to reduce thatch efficiently. It is 100% organic and safe for all types of lawns.

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  • Decomposes thatch naturally
  • Fast-acting
  • Boosts biostimulants in the soil
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Works for all grass types

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Diana H. Valenzuela

It has helped with my major thatch problem

William Casey
Easy to use

This product was easy to use. Just as to pour into my sprayer, mix with water and spray. Having no product leftover was very convenient. If there are any downsides? There are not instant results. It will most likely be Spring before I see the results.

Tyler J Even
After even 3 days I have noticed a change in the top thatch layer....

Can't wait to see the full effect after the three applications, but after a few days I am already seeing a reduction in the top thatch (visible) layer, super excited to see how it does after it's full recommended treatments.

MitchWTop Contributor: Photography
Seems to work

OK right out of the gate let me say that nothing really substitutes for the big annoying heavy duty gas powered nuclear-option dethatcher that flails the heck out of things, removes the thatch, opens up pathways for over seeding and adding nutrients, etc. And is time consuming and a bit messy of a project.

I have a perennial ryegrass lawn that I tended to mow a little high because, well, it looked deep green and spectacular. It had been about 6-7 years since I installed that lawn from seed and it was beginning to look a little brown. Well, a little thatch-y I thought so I mowed it lower in the cool season to literally cut out some of the building thatch. Didn't work.

As a first easy and cheap option I figured I'd try this liquid as what the heck, Im busy, this is a second property of mine, so just spray it and its not too expensive. Sprayed it on and immediately after I figured it was wasted as we had a lot of heavy rain. Well here we are almost a month later and I'm planning on another application in the coming weeks as it did green things up pretty quickly. The heavy high thatch layer is diminished. There is more green showing through.

I think it has bought me time from having to do the nuclear-option power dethatching, which I will still do. And I think it may be a good intermittent option in the years in between when that power dethatching is done to keep from having to do that job every year.

Give it a shot. Only 4 stars as I want to see how it goes after a second application sometime this year and I want to try it on a different type of turfgrass at my main property. But am sold on it enough to be buying a second batch to give it a try.

Luvie D. Lesane
Not sure

Seems to clog my sprayer

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