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"My grass has never been this green!" - Tom R, Verified Customer


Nitrogen Fertilizer - Liquid Lawn Solution 8oz, 32oz and 1Gal

Nitrogen Fertilizer - Liquid Lawn Solution 8oz, 32oz and 1Gal

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PetraTools’ Max Strength Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer that strengthens and beautifies your lawn in one easy application. Our exclusive formula will help you grow lush, green grass that will stand out from the pack. It’s an awesome fertilizer and an amazing lawn care solution. With our liquid nitrogen fertilizer, you don't need to worry about fertilizing too much or too little. Liquid nitrogen fertilizer dries onto your lawn and releases the exact amount of nitrogen needed to turn those limp, lifeless blades back into green, healthy grass. Our liquid nitrogen fertilizer is the ultimate lawn care solution, and you’ll see results in just a few days!

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  • High nitrogen content
  • Works for all grass types
  • Best for spring and summer
  • Up to 25,600 sq. ft. treatment
  • 7% quick-release
  • Outstanding customer support

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Vince Kelley

I'm going to use it on my lawn.

Will buy sgain.

Easy to mix and apply. Results came quickly. Second buy for me.

It will take a few days for any noticeable change

The product was easy to mix and use. I used a backpack sprayer with a 4 gal. capacity. I cut the grass, watered it, and applied the nitrogen 24 hours later. I started to notice a difference on the 3rd day and the Greening up process is improving with each passing day. I live in the San Joaquin Valley in CA, so usually no rain after Spring until late Fall.

Jerry S.
works really good

I did a soils test on my plants and they were really low in nitrogen, the lower leaves were starting to turn yellow. I added 3 cap fulls per gallon of water along with the normal fertilizer and within 3 watering's all is well again. Be careful not to use too much as this is pretty concentrated stuff. This is really easy to use and the results are great and at the right price. I recommend this product to anyone with a nitrogen deficiency.

Quality verse Quanity

Easy to use, it has a fast and slow release. Would by again

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