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"I’ve been spraying my cannabis with a cheap 1$ spray bottle. This is the most amazing upgrade anyone could imagine." - Charles Hattan, Verified Customer


PetraTools Mini Fogger Atomizer & Crop Defender Pest Control 32oz Bundle

PetraTools Mini Fogger Atomizer & Crop Defender Pest Control 32oz Bundle

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We've bundled our two best-selling pest control products into one easy-to-buy kit. Our Mini Fogger and Crop Defender All-Natural Pesticide defeat pests on contact using our PetraMax technology fogger partnered with the ever-powerful plant-based oil formula for your plants. Ideal for small spaces and indoor/outdoor use.
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  • Efficient Mini Fogger
  • Reliable pest control solution
  • Save time, money & effort
  • Outstanding customer support


    Crop Defender's dual-action all-natural formula both repels and beats thrips, aphids, whiteflies, fungus spider mites, powdery mildew and botrytis on contact.


    PetraTools Crop Defender is super concentrated and naturally beats pests fast. It works on a wide range of insect pests without toxic chemical components.


    Crop Defender is a safe* alternative that helps you control annoying pests without damaging your plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and surroundings when used according to label instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Great product

Got the ready to use spray to deal with spring tails, first time using it & it has cleared my tent from them, great product, highly recommend

Josh Schneider
Plant safer

If you grow outside You need to be using this. This is my first year of growing outdoors and with all the talks of mildew and bugs I knew I needed defense. Was recommended this product and I’ve been using it for weeks now with no sign of mold or bugs. Just spray on in the morning and thats it! I would recommend getting the 1 gal concentrate but this bottle is ready to use now and is perfect for 1-2 plants not 10! Just ordered more!

Albee Growing

Product had slight leak upon arrival. But not a huge deal. It works great and love the fact that it's organic. Safe to use. I have peace of mind knowing it defends against so many pests and problems like powdery mildew. My plants are happy and so am I.👍

Richard Pollak
Works great

Mine stopped blowing solution after the 5th use, only blows air now.
After calling the company they instructed me to run warm water through it, said it would take a few minutes. It started back working after about a minute. It now works like it did out of the box

Justin page
Bye bye bugs

I’ve worked with many different products and this one is top notch. got rid of the infestation quick, I now use it as a regular IPM management. The cost is another great thing. You won’t be disappointed

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