5 Reasons Americans are ditching pump sprayers

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1. Do More with Less Effort

Why are pump sprayers so inefficient? (uneven spraying, repeatedly needing to pump which makes spraying more tiring). Battery sprayers are more convenient and efficient, so you spend less time on spraying. Just charge and spray. Overall, a better tool for your arsenal.

2. Less Solutions Wasted means more savings

Pressure is consistent with battery sprayers making spraying more even and efficient. This makes every drop of solution count, so you can waste less.

3. Get the Job Done Like a Pro Without the Fees

We want to empower at home DIYers so mede sure our sprayers are professional-level so you get the best results without the large fees. Equipped with multiple nozzles for all spraying your spraying needs.

4. Focus On Growing Better

With such a powerful and multi-functional sprayer, you can focus on expanding and beautifying your lawn and garden. Use the sprayer for applying mulch products, fertilizers, pesticides, and many more. You name it, the HD4000 can spray it!

5. Thousands of Happy Customers

Not only are our products great, we offer a great after sales experience with our reliable customer service. Don't believe us? Check our thousands of happy customers!


"We have saved so much time since using this backpack sprayer"


"Effertlessly spray water across the lawn, leaving your grass looking lush and green "


"Switching from a manual sprayer to a battery powered one might seem like a minor upgrade but believe me. It is such a relief to save both time and effort"


"My gosh I just got this thing and am using it for everything so I had to share! You charge it and I swear it runs forever. I use it for watering seedlings, I also used it to sanitize my chicken coops! I finished all 8 coops in the time it would have taken me to hand spray 1 coop."


"It's so easy and effortless to use. I highly recommend anyone who works in the garden to buy one. Say bye bye to the manual sprayers. I'm never looking back 😎"

Sienna M.

"love this new battery operated sprayer! I would have never recommended any of my previous pump sprayers I’ve used. They were annoying and broke too often."




  1. 01Sprays 2-2.5 Hours on A single charge
  2. 02Adjustable Sprayer Pressure (60-80 PSI)
  3. 03Double-Padded Strap for Comfort
  4. 04Translucent tank for easy level monitoring
  5. 05Multiple nozzles for versatility

Small but Mighty - the HD2000

The Upgade Your Garden Needs I asked gardening friends, and this backpack came highly recommended. I am now in that group. This sprayer is absolutely worth the cost.

A small sprayer packed with premium and powerful features.

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PetraTools HD2000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer



2 Gallon

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100,000+ customers and thousands of 5-star reviews.

Small but Mighty - the HD2000

Small compact easy to use - Love my new sprayer so versatile and lightweight, having bad back issues this sprayer fits my needs for what I needed.

A small sprayer packed with premium and powerful features

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PetraTools HD2000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer



2 Gallon