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"This works amazing. Actually sprays a fine mist/fog instead of just flinging water everywhere." - Andrew M, Verified Customer


Electric Backpack ULV Fogger

Electric Backpack ULV Fogger

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The PetraTools Electric Backpack ULV Fogger has a pumpless action that saves you time, and money, and minimizes your effort on home and commercial cleaning, fertilizer and herbicide application, and pest control.

With this backpack fogger, you get precision fogging and spraying that lets you apply just the right amount of solution for your lawn, garden and crops - or give your home and business a quick clean from top to bottom.

From simple to complex applications, this electric fogger will give you faster and more positive outcomes every time. In addition, this backpack fogger comes with a handy carrying strap and a comfortable shoulder strap for easy transport. Get this electric fogger today and make your work easier tomorrow.

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  • 4-gallon tank
  • 20-50 micron-sized mist
  • Extra-padded backpack straps
  • Adjustable mist disbursement
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Up to 20 ft. spray distance
  • 38,000+ sq. ft. coverage on a single tank
  • On/off switch on handle

Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
works good for total coverage of both large and small plants

thanks to Tim at petra tools support for making me a longtime customer of petra sprayers

It works well

It works as described, easy to use. I used it with couple of products that did not do what they supposed to do and I was very disappointed in the results. I suggest to the company to test some of the most used products with their machine and partner with these vendors. Then provide recommendations to the consumers. Many products would suggest usability with foggers, but their lack of efficacy rendered you machine useless. My suggestion to consumers to know and understand the products they plan on using in the fogger before they buy it.

Petra backpack fogger makes life easier

I like how the fogger works and it makes spraying so much easier. I used to hate to spray. Now, I look forward to it. You can’t beat this fogger. JP provided me with some of the best customer service I’ve had in awhile. Thanks

Thought was a battery powered unit. Nope. It 110 volt. Get a good long extension cord.

It sure seemed like it was a battery powered unit, but nope. It's a 110 volt unit . Buy a good long extension cord. You're going to need it. And also be prepared for the extra weight from carring around that big cord. On the plus side, it is very powerful and does a great job. Really blows the thick cold fog quite a distance covering all the think brush and trees completely.

Susan Gerde
Works really well.

Used this fogger to fog a big barn with fungicide. The air projects at a great rate and reaches a good manageable distance. It worked perfectly!

I will definitely try using this to fog my yard for mosquitoes in the summertime before parties too.

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