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HD4000 Battery Backpack Sprayer - 4 Gallon

HD4000 Battery Backpack Sprayer - 4 Gallon

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Get rid of the hassle of lugging or carrying around an inefficient hand sprayer. With PetraTools HD4000, you can spray fertilizers to weed killers without dragging a hose or even pump! Finish your spraying half the time with it's pumpless power with multi-functional nozzles, which can switch from a fan to a pinpoint stream for quick and precise applications on your lawn or garden.

No more running from the pump to the garden hose and back. No more over-spraying or having to stop and rest your arm. Plus, it won't strain your back and shoulders or make you tired after spraying. Give our HD4000 a try today and double your productivity in no time!
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  • 6-8 hrs. pumpless spray action
  • Wide mouth opening
  • High-pressure spray hose
  • Multiple nozzle attachments
  • HD Pro wand with locking trigger
  • Extra-padded shoulder straps
  • Automatic 70+ PSI with variable pressure
  • Easy-fill tank with volume markings
  • Outstanding customer support


    The days of manual pumping are over! This battery-powered backpack sprayer uses a powerful 8AH lead-acid battery that lasts 6-8 hours! With the HD4000, you'll be spraying all day without the hassle and greater efficiency means more time for you to be getting other things done.


    Spray fertilizers, apply weed killers, treat your lawn and garden - your call. HD4000 can tackle it all for you. Its heavy-duty wand and a variety of nozzles let you handle every spraying need. With up to 15 feet of reach, you can spray away from your work area. No more dragging hoses around.


    Made of high-quality materials, the soft, adjustable shoulder straps provide a comfortable feeling while you’re working, allowing you to spray longer than ever before.

Customer Reviews

Based on 559 reviews
JW Rayder Jr
Sprays well

Easy to use, works great, great support, very powerful and can spray for hours before it needs to be charged

Top quality

Apply herbicide

Should have purchased this long ago

After using this heavily for a couple of months I wish I had purchased it sooner. I have bought so many junk sprayers that I didn't expect much here. This is well engineered and works beautifully!


I NEVER write an review only because of laziness that is my big problem.BUT, I was so impressed by performance of this sprayer that l want to tell other people about this device. I bought this sprayer to apply concrete sealer on four level private home. I was worried about classic pump garden sprayer being me on 40 feet ladder and pumping with one hand and spraying with other on wobbly ladder. I was thinking that it will be nice to have self pumping garden sprayer and l went to Amazon to check whether it already exists and indeed l find a few to consider and l took a chance on this one cause of reviews and because they claimed that with one battery charge it can pump 200 gallons of liquid. I needed for 65 gallons and sure enough this garden sprayer did excellent, never miss a bit never loose a pressure. I used this on few more jobs and it really work great. Just don’t forget to plug in to the charger on the end of the day and it will perform great. Cleaning is also mandatory and very easy to do. Great product, l wish l discovered it earlier in my life.

Alfred Bosco
No better customer support

After hours on a Friday I called Petra-Tools. They were closed. No big deal. However, Stephen text me back asking me what help I needed. I told him I’ve had my HD 4000 for about a year and finally had to charge it. I charged it with the wrong plug and broke it. I was going to buy another one and Stephen said he would be sending me another one the next day. This is very not what I expected. I am speechless. Thank you Stephen for going above and beyond. This sprayer works incredibly well. It has enough spray nozzles to get the exact pattern I want for the job. This is like the second review I’ve ever written. I am impressed. Thanks again Petra Tools and Stephen.

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