What’s In the Box?

CannaFogger™ Pre-Assembled Unit


What Are the Parts of CannaFogger™?

The CannaFogger™ is a powerful sprayer with multiple parts that work together to make it an effective tool for DIYers looking to apply their own treatments and solutions with ease.

Cooling Window

The Cooling Window on the CannaFogger™ effectively dissipates heat, maintaining an ideal temperature for your vapor.

Mist Volume Indicator

Effortlessly monitor your desired fog density with this easy-to-read mist volume indicator.

Mist Volume Adjustable Button

Find the perfect mist level for any situation with a simple press of this adjustable button.

Rechargeable Battery

The CannaFogger™ features a 2200 mAhrechargeable battery, providing up to 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Power Switch

Activate your CannaFogger™ in a snap with this user-friendly power switch.

Battery Power Indicator

Stay informed on your device's battery life with this clear and convenient power indicator.

Charging Port

Refuel your CannaFogger™with ease using the accessible charging port designed for hassle-free recharging.

Blue LED Light

The blue LED light indicates the area where fluid is being sprayed.

How to use the CannaFogger™?

Step 1

Charge the unit: If you have just received your CannaFogger™, charge it for 6-8 hours to fully charge the lithium-ion battery.

Step 2

Fill the tank: Unscrew the clear plastic bottle and fill it with your preferred solution. Screw it tightly back onto the base of the unit.

Step 3

Power up: Locate the On/Off switch at the bottom back of the device. Slide the switch to the 'On' position and then press and hold the top 'M' button for 2 seconds to turn the unit on.

Step 4

Adjust the pressure: Choose from three different fog volume settings - low, medium, and high - by pressing the top 'M' button.

Step 5

Apply in a sweeping motion: The blue LED lights on the device indicate where the fog is being targeted. Apply the fog in a sweeping motion for complete coverage of your crop. To switch it off, double tap the 'M' button.

Step 6

Power down: Move the bottom switch to the off position to turn off the CannaFogger™.

Step 7

Maintain your unit: Empty any remaining solution and run warm soapy water through the device for 10 seconds. Follow this up with plain water to eliminate any soap residue. Regular maintenance helps to prevent clogging and ensures the longevity of your CannaFogger™.

Troubleshooting your Fogger

Check power source

Make sure that the CannaFogger™is properly plugged in and receiving power. Check the battery level and replace the batteries if necessary.

Inspect fluid level

Ensure that there is enough fluid in the CannaFogger's tank. If the fluid level is low, refill the tank.

Confirm settings

Verify that CannaFogger's settings are correct for your needs. If the fog output is too low or too high, adjust the settings accordingly.

Contact Support Team

If none of the above steps solve the issue, contact our customer service or technical support team for additional assistance.

How To Clean your Fogger?

Empty the remaining solution

First, ensure that you empty any leftover solution from the CannaFogger™tank.

Run warm soapy water through it

Fill the tank with warm soapy water and run the CannaFogger™for about 10 seconds. This step will clear out any debris that may have accumulated inside the device.

Rinse with plain water

After using the soapy water, fill the tank with plain water and run the CannaFogger™again to flush out any remaining soap residue.

How To Prime the Pump?

Fill the fluid tank

Fill the fluid tank with the recommended fog fluid. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and not overfill the tank.

Allow to warm up

Turn on the CannaFogger™and allow it to warm up for several minutes. This will give the fog fluid enough time to heat up and start to produce fog.

Prime the Fogger

To prime the CannaFogger™, press and hold the "fog" button or switch for several seconds. This will force the fog fluid through the heating element, helping to clear any air bubbles or blockages.

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