What’s In The Box?

The following are included when purchasing the HD5000 Custom Cart:

Super-Life Battery (Up to 6-8 hrs of runtime)

Battery Charger Included

Durable handle for the cart

Metal Axle

100-ft and 4-ft hose

Molded plastic wheels

Pre-assembled unit

HD Shoulder Straps (Triple Padded)

5 Different Nozzles (Multipurpose nozzles for every spraying situation)

Multipurpose HD Wand (Durable wand that can handle all types of chemicals)

Accessory Bag

What Are the Parts of HD5000 Custom Cart?

The battery-powered custom cart sprayer includes the following parts:

Translucent Tank

The 6.5-gallon container tank that holds the liquid or solution to be sprayed.

Wheeled Cart

The Steel frame and large flat-free tires provide easy transportation - no more wobbly cart.


Automatic 80+PSI pump with adjustable pressure knob.

Multi-purpose HD Wand

The long tube that holds the nozzle and allows the user to direct the spray.


The attachment at the end of the wand that controls the pattern and volume of the spray.


The 12 AH lead-acid battery provides 4X the battery life of most lithium battery sprayers. 


The adjustable extra-padded ergonomic straps that attach the sprayer to the user's back for easy mobility.

High-power Pressure Spray Hose

The longest backpack sprayer hose on the market to easily cover large areas without moving your sprayer.

How to Use the HD5000 Battery-Powered Backpack and Cart Sprayer?

The HD5000 battery-powered backpack and cart sprayer is easy to use, but there are a few things you should know before using it. Here are some tips on how to use the HD5000:

Step 1

Open the box and take out what’s inside:

  • Accessory Bag 
  • Handle
  • HD wand 
  • Wand in cardboard sheathing
  • Metal rod
  • 2-foot hose 
  • Backpack straps
  • Full-color manual 
  • Extended warranty card
  • Unit (Pre-assembled)

Step 2

Take out what's inside the accessories bag.

  • Valve Handle
  • Reel Handle
  • Nozzles
  • Pistol Gun attachment
  • Brass Connector
  • Charger
  • Tool tray
  • Manual

Step 3

Assemble the HD5000 Cart Sprayer.

  • Cut the bands off.
  • Slide the reel to the top of the cart.
  • Attach the 2-foot hose to the reel, then to the bottom of the tank.
  • Thread the valve handle onto the hose.
  • Thread the wand onto the valve handle.
  • Select the nozzle you'll be using.
  • Attach the reel handle.

Step 4

Assemble the HD5000 Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer.

  • Flip the silver lock behind the cart.
  • Pull off the cart.
  • Attach the backpack straps.

Step 5

Fully charge your HD5000 before using it on your first job

Step 6

Prime the pressure sprayer before you use it for the first time.

Step 7

Add liquid of your choice through the mesh strainer in the lid.

Step 8

Turn the pressure dial clockwise until the unit pumps and pauses.

Step 9

Squeeze the valve handle and engage the red locking mechanism for continuous flow.

Step 10

Make sure that the pressure adjustment knob is turned off when you're finished.


Tackle tough spray jobs with less stress with HD5000 Battery Backpack Sprayer with Custom Cart!


Troubleshooting your HD5000 Battery-Powered Backpack and Cart Sprayer

If you've tried turning on the HD5000 Battery-Powered Custom Cart Sprayer, and it doesn't work, do this:

Step 1

Check the switches.

When not in use, make sure that the red rocker switch & the silver pressure knob are turned off. Leaving the switch and adjustment dial turned on, especially when charging, will drain the battery. The silver pressure knob should audibly click when turned counterclockwise all the way.

Step 2

Check if the lights in front of the unit are turning on.

There are two light colors on the front of the unit - green and red. The red light shows that the unit is on and green means that the battery is charged.

Step 3

Check the fuse.

To check the fuse, remove it from the control panel and take a good look at it. The fuse has a filament inside. Make sure that there is no burning inside and that the filament is attached correctly. Replace with the included spare if required.

Step 4

Check if the battery is charged.

To do this, try plugging the charger into the unit. If the unit is charging, the charger light will turn red. When doing so, make sure that you are plugging the charger into a working outlet.

Step 5

Bypass the battery.

To know if the battery is working or not, all you have to do is plug the charger into the unit. Then turn it on, bypassing the battery. If it still doesn’t work, then you may need a new battery or pump.

Step 6

Check the battery terminal connections.

There could be times that the battery terminals aren’t connected to the wires. To determine if this is the case, open the compartment at the back of the unit and take off the velcro strap. Check that both wires are connected properly to the battery & ensure that moisture hasn’t made its way into the compartment.

Step 7

Access the internal wiring.

If all of the above doesn’t work, you might want to check the wiring inside the base of the unit. To do this, separate the unit and the tank by removing the Phillips screws from the base, then inspect if the wires are connected properly.

How To Change your Sprayer Battery?

Power up your sprayer in no time with our step-by-step guide to changing the battery.

Step 1

Ensure both the silver pressure knob & the red rocker switch are in the off positions.

Step 2

Locate the battery. On the back of the unit you’ll find a small access door. Push the retaining button in to open. The Velcro strap holds the battery in place. Remove it.

Step 3

Remove the black and red wire connecting the battery to the device. - You'll see that there are two wires connecting the battery to your device. One is black and one is red. Gently remove these.

Step 4

Take out the old battery. - The old battery will now come out easily. Just pull it out of the compartment.

Step 5

Take your new battery and insert it into the compartment, making sure that the terminals are in the back, closest to the door, with the red terminal on the left.

Step 6

Take the black and red wires and reconnect them to the new battery. Make sure that they're snug and secure.

Step 7

Close the access door by pushing it in until it clicks.

Step 8


At the bottom of the sprayer, you will see two Phillips screws. Unscrew them using a long screwdriver, as they are recessed approximately 5 inches up into the unit.

Step 9


Take those two screws out so you can separate the bottom part of the sprayer from the tank itself. Put them in a safe place!

Step 10

Pump Replacement

Remove the screws. - Remove the three screws which attach the pump to the unit. Be careful not to damage anything.

Step 11

Pump Replacement

Take off the hose clamps. - Once the screws are removed, the hoses can be taken off by taking off the small hose clamps that are holding them in place.

Step 12

Pump Replacement

Cut the wires. - Disconnect the wires which are connected to the device. Cut the plastic tie first before doing so. Ideally, leave at least 4-5 inches on the wires. These can be disconnected by gently pulling on them.

Step 13

Pump Replacement

Strip the wires. - Strip about a half-inch of the plastic casing of the wires so that they can be reconnected more easily.

Step 14

Pump Replacement

Reconnect the wires. - Reconnect the wires to the device, being careful to not cross any of them. Make sure they're snug and secure.

Step 15

Pump Replacement

Install the pump. - Install the new pump by screwing it in and attaching the hoses. Be sure to put the hose clamps back on so that they're snug and secure.

Step 16


To reassemble your HD5000 Custom Cart, ensure that the screw holes & outer casing parts mate up. You should be able to easily tighten the two screws removed in step 1 above.

How To Clean your Sprayer?

Cleaning your HD5000 Battery-powered Custom Cart Sprayer is crucial for its longevity and efficiency. Here's how to do it:

Step 1

Empty any remaining solution from the tank and rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

Step 2

Fill the tank with a cleaning solution, such as water and vinegar or soap and water.

Step 3

Pump the sprayer to circulate the cleaning solution through the hose and nozzle.

Step 4

Let the cleaning solution sit in the tank, hose, and nozzle for 15-20 minutes.

Step 5

Rinse the tank, hose, and nozzle with clean water and pump the sprayer to flush out any remaining residue.

Step 6

Let the sprayer air-dry, and store it in a cool, dry place.

How To Prime the Pump?

Priming your HD5000 Custom Cart Sprayer is quite easy. Just follow these two steps:

Step 1

Add 2 gallons of warm soapy water into the tank.

Add 2 gallons of warm tap water to the tank. To this add 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap. Shake gently to mix.

Step 2

Tighten the lid and turn on the unit

Make sure that you have tightly closed the lid. Flip the red rocker switch to the ON position (O=Off). The pump should engage immediately and build pressure. Squeeze the trigger to spray the solution through the unit. Ordinarily spray begins in just a few seconds, but for the first use or the first use of the season it may take several minutes.

Nozzle Support Guide

Every HD5000 comes with six versatile nozzles to help you tackle your toughest spraying jobs. You can purchase additional nozzles at our website. Here’s what each of your new HD5000 nozzles can do:

Orange Cone Nozzle

Can reach 8-10 feet with a soaking shower. You can also adjust it for a finer mist.

Double Misting Nozzle

Lets you cover a large area with a medium-fine mist. Perfect for watering young or delicate plants.

Single Misting Nozzle

Has a very fine mist, perfect for flower beds or indoor greenhouse plants.

Yellow Flat Tip Nozzle

This delivers a nice, even, and wide fan of liquid which is perfect for green grass paint or mulch paint. If precise application of a solution is required, this nozzle is your best choice.

Brass Nozzle

This nozzle is like a garden hose, which you can adjust for a strong jet of liquid (over 20 feet).

Black Single Nozzle

Works just like the brass nozzle but is better for caustic solutions. Perfect for a variety of applications, from fine mist up to a straight stream, with a twist of the nozzle.


The HD5000 Battery-powered Custom Cart Sprayer comes with an 8AH lead-acid battery that can last up to 8 hours of continuous spraying. To maximize the battery life, make sure to recharge it after every use and store it in a cool, dry place. If the battery needs to be replaced, follow the steps mentioned above in "How To Change your Sprayer Battery."

8AH Lead-Acid Battery

How To Prepare your Sprayer for Winter Storage?

Before you put your HD5000 Custom Cart Sprayer away for the winter, there are a few things you should do to make sure it’s ready for next season.

Step 1

Run 2 gallons of warm water mixed with 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap through the unit to clean all internal parts, then run 1 more gallon of warm water only through. Spray until the unit, wand & hose are fully empty.

Step 2

You may plug your HD3000 unit in for constant battery maintenance, or if this is not possible, simply charge fully before storage.

Step 3

Place the unit right-side-up in the warmest storage possible. Do not store long-term in temps below 32°F.

Step 4

Storage in its original closed box is ideal, but if that’s not an option, you can cover it with a canvas or plastic tarp to protect it.

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