What's In the Box?

Landscape Edging Tool & Connector Pins


How to use the Landscape Edging Tool?

Our user guide will teach you how to operate the Landscape Edging Tool with ease.

Step 1

Loosen the soil so the installation is quicker and easier. Use a shovel or edger to loosen the soil as you follow the path of your edging line.

Step 2

Place the Edging Tool with the crooked, teeth side down. You’ll be positioning this along the landscape line that you’ll be edging. 

Step 3

Use a wood block & mallet to help the edging sink into the ground. Place the wood block on top of the edging. Hammer the edging down by hitting the blo

Step 4

Arrange the edging end to end, and then use connector clips to securely attach one edging piece to the next.

Helpful Tips To Remember When Installing The Landscape Edging Tool

Tip 1

Draw a line to where you want the edging tool to run. This serves as your guide when installing the edging tool and helps provide a visualization of how the edging will look. It also helps create a smoother installation, saving a lot of time.

Tip 2

Wear protective hand gloves when you hammer the tool into the soil.

Tip 3

Apply pressure at the point where you want the edging tool to bend. If you need a sharp bend, place the wood block across the teeth’s valley. Bend the metal based on your preferred angle while putting force on the block.

Tip 4

Use connector clips to cover the gap at the joining points.

Tip 5

Overlap the edging sheets if needed to achieve your preferred length.

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