How does Lawn Aerator Fast Action work?

Lawn Aerator Fast Action is a powerful liquid lawn aerator and soil conditioner that uses an anionic soil amending agent to address soil compaction problems. It breaks down dense particles and produces soft soil, which improves the availability of nutrients, enhances water penetration, boosts soil oxygen, and improves root development. With our fast-acting formulation, you'll see visible results after the first watering or rainfall, and the benefits will last throughout the entire growing season.

What's in Lawn Aerator Fast Action?

Our liquid grass spray soil conditioner for lawns is made with a unique blend of anionic soil amending agents and organic compounds that work together to break down dense soil particles and promote soil aeration. The active ingredients in Lawn Aerator Fast Action include:

  • Proprietary blend of anionic soil amending agents
  • Organic compounds

What are the features & benefits of Lawn Aerator Fast Action?

The Lawn Aerator Fast Action is a game-changer for all your lawn and garden needs. Here are some of the features and benefits of using Lawn Aerator Fast Action:

  • Fast-acting formulation breaks down dense soil particles to promote soil aeration.
  • Soft soil produced enhances water penetration and promotes the availability of nutrients.
  • Boosts soil oxygen and promotes root development for visibly lush, green, and healthy grass and plants.
  • Long-lasting results are visible at the first watering or rainfall and will continue the entire growing season.
  • Simple and easy to apply with one of our battery-powered sprayers.
  • Cost-effective - one 16oz bottle treats almost 88K sq. ft.


Fast-acting formulation


Enhances water penetration


Boosts soil oxygen


Long-lasting results





How do you use the Lawn Aerator Fast Action?

Using Lawn Aerator Fast Action is simple and easy. Follow these steps:

Step 1

Shake well before using.

Step 2

Get your battery-powered sprayer in action. Fill the sprayer with Lawn Aerator Fast Action.

Step 3

Spray to your lawn in a sweeping motion, making sure to cover the entire area.

Step 4

Water your lawn immediately after applying Lawn Aerator Fast Action to ensure maximum absorption.

Where could you use the Lawn Aerator Fast Action?

You can use Lawn Aerator Fast Action on any lawn, garden, or green space where soil compaction is a problem.

Residential lawns

Golf courses

Sports fields



Lawn Aerator Fast Action is the quickest and easiest way to promote soil aeration and fortify your lawn. With its fast-acting formulation, long-lasting results, and simple application, you'll have visibly lush, green, and healthy grass and plants in no time. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

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