How does Myco Giant work?

Myco Giant is an all-natural root stimulator that contains mycorrhizal fungi. It helps to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, resulting in larger and healthier roots.

It works its magic by introducing the perfect amount of mycorrhizal fungi into the soil, stimulating robust root growth and overall plant health.

What's in Myco Giant?

Myco Giant contains a blend of carefully selected mycorrhizal fungi that work together to enhance plant growth and development. Inside Myco Giant, you'll find a blend of all-natural mycorrhizal fungi that promotes moisture and nutrient absorption, leading to bigger and healthier roots.

What are the features & benefits of Myco Giant?

  • All-natural root stimulator with mycorrhizal fungi blend
  • Promotes growth of beneficial microorganisms in soil
  • Enhances plant growth and development
  • Larger, faster-growing, and healthier plants
  • Boosts root mass and promote additional moisture and nutrients for overall plant health
  • Easy to use, can be added directly to roots and soil or used in water


All-natural root stimulator


Promotes growth of beneficial microorganisms


Plant growth & development


Faster-growing & healthier plants


Boosts root mass


Additional moisture and nutrients


Easy to use

How do you use Myco Giant?

PetraGrow's Myco Giant is easy to apply and so easy to use!

Step 1

Shake the bottle well before use.

Step 2

Sprinkle it or dilute it with water, depending on its use.

Step 3

Spray away using your PetraTools battery-powered sprayer.

Step 4


Lightly sprinkle onto seed surfaces

Step 5


Dip cuttings directly into non-diluted powder ensuring good coverage

Step 6


Lightly sprinkle onto root surface

Step 7

Media Mix

Sprinkle into media

Step 8

Soil Drench/Spray

  1. Mix 1 to 5 grams per gallon of water.
  2. Water as normal.

Step 9


Apply 5 grams per 10 gallons of water.

Where could you use the Myco Giant?

Myco Giant is applicable in potting soil, hydroponics growing system, rock wool or mineral wool, and as an inoculant for beans and peas. Use it anywhere you want to achieve explosive plant growth and robust roots.

Hydroponics Growing System

Potting Soil




PetraGrow’sMyco Giant is the perfect root stimulator and growth enhancer for all your planting needs. With its carefully selected blend of mycorrhizal fungi, it promotes explosive growth and root mass, resulting in larger, faster growing, and healthier plants. Give your plants the gift of Myco Giant, and watch them flourish like never before!

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