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HD4000 Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer



The HD4000 is a battery-powered backpack sprayer that allows you to quickly and easily apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to your property. It features a durable design that makes it perfect for use in rugged terrain, and it comes with a variety of accessories that allow you to customize its functionality.

Some of the key benefits of using the HD4000 backpack sprayer include:
1. Easy maneuverability - thanks to its lightweight design, the HD4000 is easy to maneuver around your property;
2. Flexible application options - the HD4000 comes with a variety of accessories that allow you to customize its functionality, including a spray gun, wand, and hose;
3. Durable construction - the HD4000 is built to last, making it perfect for rugged terrain.

The HD4000 backpack sprayer can be used to apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. It is also capable of spraying water and other liquids.

No, the HD4000 backpack sprayer is easy to operate. Simply attach the desired accessory to the spray gun and pump the handle to start spraying.

The HD4000 backpack sprayer uses a 12-volt battery.

The battery on the HD4000 backpack sprayer lasts for approximately six hours of spraying time.

The HD4000 backpack sprayer comes with a 3-month initial warranty and an additional 3 months extended warranty when registered.

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