Sprayers, foggers, lawn and cleaning solutions, and now grow solutions, are what PetraTools is known for. But who are we really?

It all started with Andy and Nate, founders of PetraTools.

They were frustrated with the sprayer choices they had for lawn care. It stopped them from having the green and healthy lawn that they’d love to enjoy. Then they looked at the graveyard of sprayers they had used from major name brands and thought, why not just build a better sprayer that could accommodate their lawn maintenance needs?

In 2018, they both traveled around the world, talking to manufacturers to design the best battery-operated sprayer. Not only did they want to have the best lawn spraying experience, but they also wanted to share that with the world. With that, PetraTools was born.

But it didn't stop there.

To help improve the products more and meet our customers' everyday needs, we constantly solicit reviews from them. Taking note of their feedback, paired with thorough research and advanced technology, we engineer products that provide years of peak performance and reliability.

Since then, PetraTools has been a growing and innovative collection of essential sprayers, accessories, and solutions specially designed to make people's gardening, growing, lawn care, and home cleaning life a lot easier.

We are a family-owned American company located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. All our products are “BUILT ROCK SOLID” with integrity and affordability, providing customers the solutions they need for jobs of all sizes.

And it's not only our products that we pride ourselves on. Our EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE is always a call and chat away and cater to all our product-related concerns and inquiries from our awesome customers.

This is what differentiates us from other big companies out there.

Derived from a Greek word, Petra means "rock". And this has been our foundation as a company. Behind the rock-solid products we offer is our Rockstar family of workers who continuously collaborates and thinks about how we can help people you with your spraying, home cleaning, and lawn care activities.

As a sprayers and solutions company that has been continuously growing, with our experience and all the suggestions from our customers and the community, we are excited to offer more products that will definitely bring your spraying experience to a whole new level.