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"I absolutely love this and it saves us SO much time! I would absolutely recommend this pressure sprayer!"-Desiray

PetraTools Battery Powered 13 Gallon Pushcart Sprayer (Prime)

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PetraTools Battery Powered 13 Gallon Pushcart Sprayer (Prime) Sprays for 6-8 hours or over 200 gallons on a single battery charge. It has multiple nozzle attachments that spray up to 30 ft. and a 130 ft. high-quality hose to cover wide areas without moving the cart.

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Need to spray large areas? Perform them without breaking a sweat! Our Battery-Powered 13-gallon Cart Sprayer (Prime) utilizes a powerful ultra-life battery that lasts 6-8 hrs. of efficient & nonstop spraying, dispensing up to 200 gallons of liquid without doing a single pump! 



Get your entire spray tasks done fast and conveniently! Enjoy the versatility of the multiple nozzle attachments for your different spraying. Prime also comes with a heavy-duty wand that reaches wider areas up to 30 ft., perfect for lawn maintenance and garden care! 



Carry all the 13-gallon tank liquid with a strong, custom-built cart equipped with heavy-duty wheels to make it easy for you to move the sprayer and tank around. The pushcart sprayer also has a hose reel to retract the 130 ft hose quickly after your task. 



Speaking of the hose, our BEAST Battery-Powered 13-Gallon Pushcart Sprayer has a 130 ft high-pressure hose (longest backpack sprayer hose on the market) that lets you spray reach all areas without moving the sprayer an inch! When you’re done, just reel it back in.  


You hate buying a tool and getting no support. We get it. We did too. That’s why PetraTools provides industry leading sprayer support.


No “distributors” or hoops to jump through. Those other guys love to pass you off to their regional “distribution”. We make our sprayers AND support you through your jobs.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your risk-free purchase is guaranteed with 30-day free returns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amazon Customer

This is my second Petra sprayer my first was the 6. Gallon one so I wanted a bigger one so I bought the 13 gallon one and I absolute love it I dealt with ALex and he is wonderful to deal with I would give this a 10 if I could the service is also wonderful thank you I had spoken to ALEX and the first one I dealt with Jenny you can’t go wrong with either Alex or Jeannie thanks again

Robert E.
Saved time, back ache and used less product

-15 minutes to assembly (not bad)
- Adjustable spray pattern for up close or far away (gutters on house)
- I used a lot less product than normal - assumed it was because I had constant pressure and lower volume setting
- What used to take me hours to spray with a 5 gallon back pack sprayer, I finished in close to 1/4 the time
- My back doesn't ache from carrying a back pack sprayer

- Multiple misc fittings that are useless without additional adapters
- Metal frame is warped - doesn't hurt performance but only rides on 3 wheels. May have been damaged during shipping?
- Wand attachment kept leaking, had to add 3 rubber washers (they do send a bag of extras) . I could see why it leaked - there's weren't long enough to reach first washer but this goes back to misc attachments without correct adapters

The time and back ache saved was worth the purchase but if anyone from the manufacturer reads this, they should pull out the bag of attachments and make sure they can all be used with included adapters.

Only sprayer you need

Love the simplicity of this. I made sure to use Teflon tape on every single connection so there would be no leaks. The hose reel comes in super handy. I was able to leave this in the corner and not have to worry about moving it around. Sprayer has great power and I was able to get my garden drenched with this.

Eric Lacz
Easy to use. Great Sprayer

I bought this cart sprayer to use in my Lawn Painting business. I have used other sprayers and the Petra Sprayer is by far the Best. It has an 8 hour charge. Cleans up easily. No back breaking work to move it around, it moves very smoothly on all terrains. I would highly recommend it.


I am the current humane society director at a shelter that houses anywhere from 40 to 60 dogs as well as 20-40 cats at anytime. We struggled with busted pressure sprayers and bottles used for cleaning kennels. I needed a pressure sprayer for cleaning solution that my kennel managers could not pump full of pressure, leave it overnight, and cause it to explode by morning. While this was very expensive for us I had high hopes it would save us in the long run. I am so thankful we bought this! It is amazing! AMAZING! It is easy to use, move around, and has great pressure. I absolutely love this and it saves us SO much time! I would absolutely recommend this pressure sprayer!

Family Owned American Company

Located in the heart of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, we are a family owned and operated company that’s dedicated to our products and customers. With warehouse locations in Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, we ship orders same-day*. *same-day shipping occurs most days Monday – Friday for orders before 10am est.